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Amazon Kindle Unlimited Is It Worth It? (Tech Tuesday)


http://youtu.be/vEOw1I5quZY Kindle Unlimited Is It Worth It?
There are pros and cons to the new Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription program. Yes you do get to check out free books with Kindle Unlimited including Audio Books from Audible, but there are some interesting limits to Kindle Unlimited and I cover them in this video.


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  1. I am on Youtube right now trying to compare Audible.com to Kindle Prime. I currently have Audible and am finding it to be very expensive because I download at least 3 or 4 books a month.I do a lot of driving so I listen in the car or in bed at night to fall asleep. I am paying 14.99 per month for the membership plus the cost of each book that I download. There is a discount for the books because of the monthly membership which is the whole point of the membership. At the end of the month I am  paying about 75.00 with everything. I think that's crazy and I need to find a cheaper alternative. Kindle Prime has some books that include audio but the selection doesn't compare to Audible's. There are still a few big publishers that won't participate in Kindle Prime. I may just have to make do with Kindle Primes limited selection of audio books. I would only be paying 10.00 a month ….

  2. I didn't know that as a prime member, we can check out a free book at a time from Amazon. Please how am I able to do this? Also what are the limits on this: is it only one book a month, only specific books or is it all books at anytime just one checkout at a time? Thank you.

  3. Many people may not know this but when you are an Amazon Prime member, you lose your benefit to borrow one Prime book per month if you become a Kindle Unlimited member. Instead of being able to get 11 books (10 through Kindle Unlimited and 1 through Prime) you completely lose the Prime benefit. To me, this is fraud since Amazon does not disclose this issue and their Kindle Tech Support act as if they are unaware this issue exists when there is internet evidence that they have been informed by customers in the past. When Kindle Tech Support finds out about this glitch (which is what it is), they just tell you when you combine the two memberships, the Kindle Unlimited takes over. *?! How does that excuse even make sense when you're still paying the same price but end up losing a benefit that you are entitled to have. Kindle Tech Support basically will tell you…too bad so sad, just eat it, bend over and take it! No apology because this is a glitch that is not disclosed, no offer of a discount, no acceptance that this is their web engineer's oversight, no assurance that this problem will get resolved. This is poor business practice. Don't subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. I'm glad I cancelled it. It's a rip off! Get your ebooks/audiobooks for free from your public library.

  4. Bottom line if you read a lot it is good, if not dont bother. I have it. Read at least twenty books a month on there so for me it is great. Big con for me no Stephen King or Dean Kootnz books available but i have found really good horror writers on there.

  5. I'm thinking to buy a Kindle and this video really helped me because I'm more than probably going to buy more than 2 books per month

  6. I spend more than $10/Month on late library fees… So this sounds like a good deal.. Only thing is I don't own a Kindle.. heheh

  7. I do like that I can listen to audiobooks while working. At least one book a day plus read on the weekends.
    Limited to only certain titles is not cool since I have noticed I am spending most time searching through many romance novels before I find books that are in my genre. I've even tried to filter them out but they still dominate the titles.

  8. I just buy membership for a month, download a couple dozen books and remove the copyright lock and read them. Then when I'm out I get another month.

  9. if anyone wants some good books that are free on the kindle unlimited, any book by Dylan sawers is great, he does compilations of the scariest stories just type his name on Amazon, there's also a great book by the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights company called scariest stories ever, if you have Kindle unlimited, get these books because there scary and good, give them a try.

  10. I love having KU but everything you said is absolutely true! It's worth it for me because I read a few books a day and it's really good for indi Authors they are getting way more recognition this way.

  11. Heres why I think Kindle unlimited is worth it, because you know how everyone learns from the internet? like learning how to cook/self defense or anything for that matter, amazon kindle has all those things but better because you have the whole book rather than bits in pieces of articles in the internet.

  12. when we will take the subscription…we can download those books?…..and if we can download them…so after the subscription is over lets say after a month …will the downloaded books will be deleted automatically??

  13. They should have a MUCH discounted price for Unlimited, or it should just be part of prime. $99. For prime is ENOUGH. Thank you for this video.

  14. Just got a Kindle Paperwhite. Love it. Saw the option for Kindle Unlimited and thought about trying it out but then remembered that I already get a free rental every month with Prime. That's good enough for me. I read A LOT, but I also buy a lot of books used/from the Thrift Store. Thanks for the video.

  15. Unfortunately it is limited… not actually UNlimited. Like you, I am the exception when it comes to buying and reading books. The only reason why I have been considering it is because there are certain books available through the kindle unlimited program that are way too expensive to buy, however, I can get them to read for a fraction of the cost this way. I could probably read these specific titles well within the free trial period too. So in that case it's a win for me… but long term, probably not.

  16. If I get the unlimited plan for a few months and then cancel it, what happens to the books that i have already downloaded.

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