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Amisbro’s Game Reviews: Dead or Alive 5 (PS3)


Hello Youtube!

In this episode of “Amisbro’s Game Reviews” we are taking a look at the latest installment of “Dead or Alive” which is “Dead or Alive 5”.

For this review we are mainly looking at the story mode because that is what I played through for the review. I don’t really mess with the online but I do explain in the video why not so before you ask the reason is in the video.

I do give like one spoiler in the game’s plot but I explain why, to me anyways, it doesn’t make any sense but maybe its just me.

Also we are going to be doing things differently with the reviews from now on: If the game passes it stays in the collection to be played casually (i.e. for some trophy cleanup and whatnot) but if it fails…off to Gamestop it goes for trade credit.

What is the fate of “Dead or Alive 5”? Watch and find out

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  1. Brad Wong is my favorite cheater character. But I was so so so sad when Jann Lee got his kick move kinda bumped from 3 kicks to 2. I used to use him to beat my husband in DOA4… now I actually have to try. HAHA. I get bored of helping him grind for titles.

  2. well hello Natasha 🙂

    Helena was always my favorite character in the series and I dunno why. Maybe cos her character was an opera singer I dunno but I love that character.

    Trying to get all the titles is a pain! I'm taking a break from that while I play other games for reviews and such but I will be back on that grind soon my friend

    thanks for watching 🙂

  3. I understand on titles. My husband got this game right away, he is a huge DOA fan. However, neither of us has much patience with the title grind, so he doesn't have all that many.

  4. yeah my main goal for the titles is to get the "use x 100 times" titles and then MAYBE work on the online ones (i.e. the invitations or the fighter registry) but we'll see on that. I know I've no intention on platting the game cos that would just take too dang long

  5. It's kind of funny how I just realized you haven't made a vid in months, weather you were dead or alive, and then this was your latest vid lol

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