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Google’s solution to the smartwatch dilemma is to extend its Android platform — which has very strong market share and developer support — to the wearables genre with Android Wear.
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  1. android wear is a huge step forward when it comes to a smartwatch operating system..would love to see where this goes and what is apple bringing to the competition 

  2. What he is trying to say is, wait until Apple do it right and Google catch up.

  3. Does half the things a phone can half as well, looks ugly and costs $200+. Who would want this!?

  4. About 25% of Android devices are 4.3+, so Wear is not as limited as this video implies.

  5. The transflective display on the Smartwatch 2 from Sony works very well, they should all totally take the example!

  6. looking forward to that Moto but its still to early to tell. I would rather like it operate more independently than be tether to your phone via Bluetooth. The possibilities are there, but not at the moment to justify purchase. Not convincing enough that its a real adjunct to having a smartphone and just looking at that. 

  7. New consumer tech like this should look nice and fashionable, but functionality should always be key. In the case of the Moto 360, the resemblance to a traditional watch is a design flaw. This is so far from a traditional watch that there is an awkward obligation for it to even display the time. 

  8. I wish Google would cut the resemblance to 'traditional' watches and make something innovative that pushes the boundaries a little. How about making an arm band style sliding display that looks unlike anything we've seen before. 

  9. I can see the new curved displays coming into this whole watch nonsense and in five years, everyone will be wearing some futuristic star trek shit. I can't say I'd mind, though.

  10. Common Engadget, I've never seen a worst review except maybe your written review of Android Wear 🙂  As first generation hardware, I think they are near perfect.  More than 1 full day charge is actually pretty good as I charge my phone every nite anyway… Their current charging solution is inconvenient and annoying, but it seem to charge well and get the job done.  The first 2 watch don't look amazing, but they are small enough for first generation… I mean it actually not bad especially for what it provide… A companion for quick access to basic talk on your phone which is exactly what we need !  A few software thing need to be addressed though and let just hope Google is faster to bring those changes in compare to update between android OS… Like undoing action.  When we ran an action like delete of a message, we can continue in the notification except going back at the beginning… Little thing like that that actually worth complaining about… This is a tool to make our life easier… Not to replace our phone.  Think of something you want to remember… Ok Google, remind me when I get home to take out the trash.  Bah 5 second… Going to take longer than that to pull out your phone from your pocket, unlock it, click home screen (to get ok google listening (on stock 4.4) say what you want, lock the phone, put it back in your pocket… I mean that alone is HUGE for me… Email in, SMS in, not even 2 second to check what it is… Phone call, same thing.  And I'm surprise Engadget not mentioning what it bring to someone life to have a companion watch to your phone like Android Wear bring.  Is all this worth the 200$… Hell yes !

  11. What's the point of having a phone if you can't take it out of your pocket ? I know you are busy sometimes and won't be able to like your hands are dirty and so on but not all the time. All these wearable are garbage and just waste of money.

  12. i cant see why someome would buy a smartwatch when your smartphone do the same thing faster and in a bigger and more confortable screen. The only reason I see is the fitness tracker thing

  13. Why is pebble the only brand that goes for substance over style because the problem is those damn hungry LCD screens.

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