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Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition Review (Wii)


The Wiiviewer reviews Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition for the Wii.

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  1. Wiiviewr i know your soo bussy and stuff take a note of this:
    Can you Please review Bully 2 and the Sims 3 when they come out the 2 games im so excited about

  2. I'd love to see a photography game that visits more places than africa and has a more diverse range of species. Like africa you'll always see zebras, elephants, ect but what about African Wild Dogs, Fennec Foxes, Striped Hyenas, Springhare, and Secratary Birds? I think Australia(Tasmanian Devil, Dingoe, Frilled Lizard) or Madagascar(Lemur, Madagascar Day Gecko,) would be interesting places for a photography game.

  3. I thought of buying this game, when I saw it up at K-Mart yesterday, glad I didn't. Shame, cause it's the same guys behind the awesome Harvest Moon games (Publishing wise?).

  4. @soulraider40 Well, I wouldn't say best reviewer EVER, but he's still pretty good. No one can top the AVGN.

  5. Me: Okay, im going to take a picture of that sleeping lion that looks really real
    Chuck Testa: NOPE, Chuck Testa
    Me: Crap…

  6. 3:07
    This game: Set fire to animals!
    Neighborhood games: Throw balls at animals!

  7. I bought the game simply by seeing Natsume, the cute cover, and idea it would be fun. I got a new copy for eight dollars! I kind of like it.

  8. It think it's pretty sad that Majesco did a better job than Natsume. You know, the creators of HARVEST MOON?!

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