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April Wrap Up & Reviews #2: Graphic Novels (2014)


My thoughts on the graphic novels & manga I read in April.

April Wrap Up & Reviews #1: Novels http://youtu.be/xQDwRqq1ClQ


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* Didn’t enjoy it AT ALL
** Ok, but wouldn’t recommend it
*** Ok, but not great / not for everyone
**** Really good. Would recommend it to a friend
***** Loved it! Everyone buy it now! 😉


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  1. Loved this video. You should definitely try Saga. Some other good ones are Locke & Key, Y: The Last Man, Lost at Sea, Fables, Marvel's Runaways. 

  2. If you haven't already read them, you should read Habibi and The arrival. They're both beautiful and i highly recommend them

  3. I wish we had more graphic novels in Russia. It seems like nobody reads them or publishers are just not enough into this stuff. Anyway thanks for video. Such a pleasure to see pretty books like these.

    PS Your voice is soooo cute ^___^

  4. I think BookTube should be more open to Graphic novels like you! (Comic)BookTube?
    My recommendations: I haven't read much of Saga, but so far it's quite good. I also recommend Attack on Titan (manga) – post-apocalyptic action-drama with man-eating giants that threaten the existence of humanity. really good.

  5. My favorite graphic novel(s) is MAUS. That story and the illustrations are beyond this world, it blew my mind. 
    I can also really recommend an author named Shaun Tan who creates the most amazing novels I've ever encountered. Pick up "The Arrival" by him if you can, I promise you that you will love it. 
    A few other good ones are Fun Home (Alison Bechdel), The invention of Hugo Cabret (Brian Selznick) and of course Coraline (Neil Gaiman)

  6. I read the first Saga volume, and it was really good! And it's only like 5 dollars on the US amazon. 

  7. I have the second Wonder Woman graphic novel, but not the first one, although I have read both. My copy is a hardcover copy, and it cost me quite a bit! Hopefully when I'm not so poor (i'm meant to spend my student loan on studenty stuff shhh) i could by the other ones 🙂

  8. I've read the first volume of Saga because it was free on Amazon Kindle and I absolutely loved it! Really want to carry on with that series when I get back to buying books xD

  9. Sukitte ii na yo (Say I Love You) is a great shoujo/slice-of-life manga. It was the first to make me cry haha. I think it's still available online at mangafox or other places like that since I'm not sure any manga distributors have picked it up for official translated copies yet. 

  10. Habibi is great! I just bought My Friend Dahmer written and illustrated by a guy who went to college with Jeffrey Dahmer. Two random people in Waterstones said how good it was when they saw it in my hands!

  11. This video was wonderful Sarah! Definitely loved seeing some of the illustrations in more detail.
    I haven't read Fruits Basket but I remember watching the anime version years ago and really enjoying it. I don't remember many details about it though, I should probably get back into the story at some point.
    I really want to read Jane, the fox & me! I've been seing on some videos lately and it looks lovely! I'm gonna have to get myself a copy of that one.
    This month I'm planning on starting the Sailor Moon manga, since the new anime adaptation is coming out in a few months and I want to read as much as possible before that.

  12. I'm liking the New 52 revamp that DC did. They should have done it sooner. They used to be so lame. I think I showed a couple of those Wonder Woman books in a tbr I did not too long ago.

  13. My favorite manga series is DeathNote! I recommend the Black edition bind-ups which are not only gorgeous, but also combine two volumes in one and are less expensive. I also like Vampire Knight and Blue Exorcist. In graphic novels, I'm currently reading Y The Last Man. Check out Will O' the Wisp by Tom Hammock! Beautiful hardcover graphic novel. Also, Sailor Twain and Anya's Ghost are wonderful stories! 😀

  14. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil seems really cool I will have to definitely check it out. Some of my current favorites in graphic novels are Chew  by Rob Layman and Robert Guilory; Scalped by Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera; Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross; Showa by Shigeru Mizuki and Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. I could go on and on about graphic novels so I will stop there. 

  15. I read the first volume of Saga, and let's just say I want more!
    Also any graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi is really cool.

  16. Blankets by Craig Thompson is an amazing graphic novel. It's huge but it look me maybe two days to read. I could have read it in a day but I wanted to savour it.

  17. My favourite graphic novel is Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. It's about her childhood and being an Iranian during the Islamic Revolution. It's a great read and although dark funny in parts! It's also been made into a film 🙂

  18. I'm reading Habibi at the moment, and the artwork is gorgeous. Sweet Tooth is pretty good and Y the last Man is good as well, until the last one :/ Maus is definitely worth a read but can be pretty hard in some spots to read, pulls on the heart strings a tad

  19. in case you like fairy tales, you could check out some of the graphic novels by benjamin lacombe. I adore his paintings and drawings! (:

  20. I never heard of the Shaun of the Dead graphic novel, sounds fun if more of a collectors fan item more than an actual graphic novel. I love that name 'The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil'. A graphic novel series I want to get, but haven't yet, is The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman, look really interesting.

  21. One of the things about Shaun that always bugged me was that they left the apartment in the tower. If they had stayed there, they would have all survived unharmed. I know, I am being nitpicking. I just prefer characters to make smart decisions rather than ones that just move the plot forward. I suppose smart characters make dull stories.

    I refute the idea that a beard could be evil.

    If you enjoy visual detail I recommend the graphic novel Hard Boiled. Rather violent though.

    My favorite graphic novels: Dark Knight (and DK2), V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Killing Joke and most of the Elseworld series from DC.

  22. I didn't get your messages sorry. I wanted to get it for my moms birthday but it was to last minute I'm so sorry I didn't respond

  23. I just noticed your copies of Fuse and Pure in the background and they're gorgeous!!

  24. I've read the first 3 volumes of Saga and really enjoyed them. I think you would like them too! Friends with Boys by Faith Erin Hicks is really good and Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol also. I really enjoyed Marbles by Ellen Forney (It's a graphic novel memoir). 

  25. Fruits Basket is amazing. So glad you're getting to read it. 
    I recently read the first volume of Saga and it's amazing. I would also suggest Rat Queens, which came out recently. It's great and already has a massive following. 
    If you're looking for another manga series, though, Library Wars is also fabulous.

  26. I love 'Sabrina – the Teenage Witch: The Magic Within' by Tania del Rio. It has a lot to do with me watching the TV series in the 90's but this is a manga series and it does not follow the old TV series.

  27. Wonder Woman is one of my favorites of the new 52. You should check out Auqaman. It's very well written and enjoyable. Some other favorites of mine are saga, y: the last man, rat queens, fables, chew, and the stuff of legend (it's basically, a more adult toy story)

  28. Great books! I didn't even know that "Shaun of the Dead" had a graphic novel. Curious to pick it up. Totally know what you mean about a book being written after a movie. I don't know if you've seen the "10th Kingdom" miniseries, but that's one of my all time favorite miniseries and they released a book for it after the miniseries, so obviously I read it, but I didn't like it that much because so much of what I loved about the miniseries was either omitted or altered. Plus the fact that a lot was still the same but I knew what was coming which hindered my enjoyment. So I totally see what you're saying about "Shaun of the Dead" as a graphic novel. I'm really interested in getting "Jane, the Fox, and Me." That sounds so cute and unique.

  29. I swear fruits basket gets soooooo good
    at first it wasn't the best but i can promise you it will get even better

    The ending is sooo great

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