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Arcadia Quest review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. The moment the exclusives can be bought, I'll hop on and get the game. No sooner than that. I'll probably never get the base game knowing it's missing so much awesome.

  2. I've never understood the comparison of this and SDE. I suppose both are chibi style and dice chuckers, but I think the comparison ends there. 

    I have SDE along with backing everything for forgotten king. I'm still waiting on my AQ to ship 🙁 I plan on keeping both and making custom cards to use each games minis across platforms. 

  3. Thank you for making a nod to Tom's claim of this game completely replacing SDE. When he first said that in his review I almost had a stroke, but I didn't let it get to me … Much.

    I was wondering, do the little guild rings that fit around the base of the model fit around the small SDE bases? I have many crossovers in mind for promo heroes since I won't be getting any kickstarter exclusives.

  4. At 4:00 you say that only 2 people can complete the find the lost weapon quest.  I'm not sure that is correct.  If a player has the quest token and is killed and another player picks it up, they would get the quest completion as well.  The other player would not lose the quest completion at this point, but would lose possession of the weapon.  This is at least my understanding but correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Thanks for the video
    But NOT interested at all in this game
    Cool Mini knows how to handle a successful KS but their games are for now very average and pedestrian amho

  6. I understand of course the marketing "necessity" to offer different sets for different Kickstarter goals, but IMHO games ("good" ones :)) are like pieces of art. A balanced mixture of gameplay, design and artwork – simply a round package. And having variant A, B, C and D of an game, depending on the goals you backed is and can just not give this feeling of unique greatness. It's cluttered and not doing any good for everyone having access to it. And I wonder how many people will, in the not so distant future, wait for backing the KS projects only when some higher goals will be unlocked, which could ultimately stall projects in general.
    I guess in the end I would like our definition of success being changed more from the current destructive orientation almost exclusively on money to delivering sthg that represents our best efforts for the matter, others and our surrounding.

  7. Such a poor quality video camera… I watched hardly any of this as the poor focus made my eyes hurt!

  8. I appreciated the comments comparing & contrasting Super Dungeon Explorer & Arcadia Quest in this review.

  9. I can see why people were pissed about the Kickstarter exclusives, they look so cool and not being able to buy them really hurts if you just found out about the game long after the campaign finished. I guess all one can do is hope for a collectors or anniversary edition some time down the line.

  10. I bought this game and I found it weird that there is no reward for being the winner of the scenario. We have used our own ideas of extra gold, trading characters, removing curses, etc. and that helps. What do you think about no reward for the winner? have you also devised your own rewards and things like that or is the game fine without them??

  11. Sigh, this video reminds me about why I rarely buy anything from CMoN. I don't follow board game news closely so I often find out about Kickstarters long after they are over. Which means I miss out on exclusives. When it comes to board games I enjoy, I normally want to own everything for it. When I find out that the only way for me to do that is spend an insane amount for it on the secondary market I just skip the game entirely. I think they would make more money if they made everything available. I know I would be a lot more willing to buy more of their games.

  12. I absolutely love this game, with or without the exclusives….but why shouldn't cool mini give people exclusives for what is essentially a no interest loan? I know I for one preordered rising sun.

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