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Archaeology: The New Expedition Review – with Tom Vasel


Tom Vasel takes a look at this filler card game about finding treasures in Egypt.

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  1. Looks good, i'll keep an eye out for that. Filler games are great, sometimes we have game sessions with just filler games. One after the other, with a few rounds of each.

  2. Thanks Tom. I've been looking to buy the older edition but now that this newer version is available, and after seeing your great review, I will most certainly buy this game.

  3. Wow, this looks like a lot of fun to play. Love the variety the different monuments bring.
    Does it play well with two players, or is it passable below three?
    Nevermind, I just watched your review of the original game back in 2010 and you said it's great with 2 players. …Unless your opinion has changed since ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Re affirms my thoughts on this edition.
    Waiting for mine to arrive in the mail ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Glad you liked it, as I bought a copy last week on the recommendation of Shut Up & Sit Down. Played it briefly with the kids over the weekend and I agree – really simple to teach, the cards are so easy to understand, but there is a bit of depth in there too (for a short game).

  6. In case people are interested in a more detailed difference between the older version and this new version, here are there differences that I have noticed:
    Card Differences:
    * 2 fewer pot sherds (16 in this version vs 18 in last)
    * 2 fewer coins (12 in this version vs 14 in last)
    * Added 12 Broken Tablets (not in last version – added for 4 or 5 player mode only)
    * Added 5 Broken Pendants (not in last version – added for 5 player mode only)
    * 2 additional thief cards (10 in this version vs 8 in last)
    * Added tent cards (not in last version)
    * Pharaohs' Mask payout (1:4, 2:12, 3:26, 4:50 in last version vs 1:4, 2:15, 3:30, 4:50). A good change in my opinion as in the previous version it was often too costly to hold onto the masks and they were sold to market very often to complete other sets (so you weren't holding these for thieves and sand storms). With the reduction of the thief card count and the increase in value for multiples, holding masks has become more viable.
    * Broken Cup payout (1:2, 2:15 in last version vs 1:2, 2:12 in new version). A good change in my opinion as well. The 15 payout for the 2 card set was very powerful. This lowers that impact a bit. Still very strong set, but not as OP as the older version of the game.
    * Talisman payout (1:3, 2:7, 3:14, 4:24, 5:40 in last version vs 1:3, 2:10, 3:20, 4:32, 5:45 in this version). A good change in my opinion as well. Talismans suffered from the same effect as the pharaoh masks. They were hard to justify to hold on to. To much risk, not enough payout unless you well for them all (which everyone would find out very quickly and attack you or the sand storms were devastating). The increased payout here makes these more appealing to actually collect.
    * Coin payout (1:2, 2:5, 3:10, 4:18, 5:30 in last version vs 1:2, 2:6, 3:12, 4:20, 5:30 in this version). Again, a good change in my opinion. Coins were one set where people typically would cash in if they had them all, otherwise used as a bit more dense way to save up for things like Pharaoh's masks if you only had 2-3. Increasing the payout for the 2-4 sets will encourage more partial set sells, which is sort of the theme of the coins as compared to the "broken *" sets.

    Game Play Differences:
    * Added 1 more player (plays 2-5 vs 2-4 for last version)
    * The number of thieves used in a game changed. In last version it was always 8. In this version it is 2 per player. We always found the thieving to be a bit heavy with 8 so I think this is probably a very reasonable change which can easily be backed out if you want.
    * The Pyramid numbers have changed. In the last version the small chamber was 1 map for 3 treasures, 2 maps for 5 treasures, and 3 maps for 7 treasures. In this version it is 1 map for 2 treasures, 2 maps for 5 treasures, and 3 maps for 8 treasures. This changes the game play a bit. It increases the "press your luck" feature of the game. Previously the smaller chambers were more advantageous to grab in a maps/treasure ratio. This resulted in the large chamber almost always being taken last and as a result. They often never get taken as one player will hold a map if they know another player needs it for the large chamber. This fixes that issue in that it now makes sense to go for the large chamber when maps are plentiful. It removes that tension of having to hold on to that card though even though it is worth 3 in the market (rather powerful). It is an easy change to back out if you want, but the changes seem reasonable to me.
    * There was no limitation on the older version of only going to the Pyramid once per turn. A minor change as this would have rarely come up.
    * Addition of new monuments is interesting. It changes only a small part of the game, but gives a different flavor to each game.

    Cosmetically the artwork is new, the monuments are tiles instead of card(s), and the box is bigger. I'm bummed about all three of these. I liked the old art better. I liked the tiny box, it traveled/stored so easily. I liked the monuments being cards (mostly because it allowed the box to be tiny, but I also think randomizing cards is a bit more easy than tiles, but that is just me I suppose).

    Overall, mostly good changes in my opinion. Most of them can be backed out if you don't like them. The only ones that can't are the 2 fewer pot shards and coin cards. Happy treasure hunting everyone!

  7. the orginal is my favorite filler game of all time. the new version is even better. the biggest difference besides the monuments that tom didnt talk about is they tweaked the numbers on many of the cards to reward you approriately for taking bigger risks. the talismans are actually worth holding instead of selling and the broken cups aren't OP anymore. the best deal from the maps used to be the first and second chamber but now the third has the best payout so there is more of decision on whether or not use the maps or hold out for one more.

  8. Just throwing in a differing opinion since it seems that the majority of the opinions on here are positive. I bought the old Archaeology the Card Game after Tom's first review and ended up really disliking the game. It's been awhile since I played it but I believe my problem was that the choices were too obvious and there didn't seem to be enough room for any real strategy. I know that people seem to like this game because it's "light" or because it's a "filler" but I demand a little more thought or fun from my fillers. Coloretto, No Thanks, or 6 nimmt are all light fillers that give you much more meaningful and fun choices. Just my opinion.

  9. As an archaeologists, the most annoying thing about archaeology games is when they spell pot shard. It's pot SHERD!

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