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ARIA Las Vegas DETAILED hotel room review


Watch in HD. This is a DETAILED review of the Deluxe room, the lowest priced option available. The pools are OPEN during the winter months – all year round! Many hotels close them but ARIA keeps them open. The heated pools are awesome. There are a total of four pools. One large heated pool and three small spa tub style pools with powered jets! Towels are free downstairs (as many as you need). There is a $25 PER DAY resort fee per room, added on top of your reservation cost. This covers your cost for pool and gym use, as well as high speed internet (unlimited) in your room.

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  1. That hotel room looks great. My brother wants us to go to Las Vegas together, I will look into this hotel and have him look at your video.

  2. Um my mom is staying there for four nights and my uncle is paying for it. It is mostly cool. The only uncool part about it is in not going. Whaaa

  3. bathroom is bigger in mandaley bay and better so is the room. although looks very nice this room. mandaley seems better

  4. Outstanding review… this is the kind of thing I like to see, detailed review of all areas that are important when it comes to a hotel. Nice work.

  5. Great review! Planning on going there for my honeymoon September next year (We will take the room with view to the strip though).

  6. This is a great idea. I need to check YouTube before booking with a hotel to watch videos like this. That way I know what the inside looks like.

  7. I've been to Trump's hotel right across the way and that was by far the most luxurious thing I've ever seen. Time to start printing money!

  8. Did anyone else notice the naked girl to the left when he first when to show the bedroom part??? 😂😂😂

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