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Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex – Book Review


Numerous lovers of the Artemis Fowl series fell in love with the character when the first book arrived due to the combination of funny, smart and James Bond style of the character along with the fairies. The series created by Eoin Colfer is right up there with the Percy Jackson and other best stuff especially written for the middle school level readers. That does not mean older readers can not read it, after all they have read Harry Potter and enjoyed it as well. Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex will be no exception, you will make your way to the end of the book soon enough.

It'll Get Complicated and Funny Soon
The book is different from the earlier ones in the series, the hero has decided to save the world, for a change. The town has a new villain, however, and he plans to throw a spanner in the plans of our hero, Artemis Fowl. Artemis Fowl has been hit by Atlantis Complex, and has become (insincerely) emotional now (as it looks to the others). Things have soon become very complicated and funny at the same time.

Launched With a Song
The word play by Eoin Colfer is witty as ever and the action is very entertaining. The spin-off produced by Disney Hyperion is slight disconcerting since many readers do not identify with the characters the way they have imagined them when they had not seen the images. The book was launched with a song, when most readers were expecting author tours as usual.

An Anti Hero First, He Is Now the Hero
The series had started with the 12 year old hero (or villain) kidnapping a fairy so he could demand ransom, but later up he worked together with Captain Holly Short to save humans and fairies both. He started as an anti hero in the series and gradually became the brilliant hero. If you have not read the earlier books in the series, it is seriously recommended that you read those first (some jokes are only clear to those who have read the earlier books).

Is Everything Lost For The Fairies?
In this book, the hero is now fifteen years old and has decided to start a new chapter of life. The readers quickly understand there is something wrong with the hero himself. His mind is not working at 100%, and then there is a fear of number four in his mind. The worst part is, the genius of Artemis Fowl is badly needed at this time and it seems all is lost for the fairies. The action and adventure created by Eoin Colfer is nonstop and the giggles would just not stop throughout the book. Although The Atlantis Complex is a good book which stands on its own feet, the side characters have developed from the earlier books, therefore those reading this book the first time, may find something amiss from the earlier part.

By Prasoon Kumar

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