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Artemis Fowl and The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer – Book Review


It’s still not clear to most of us why Harry Potter became a rage among the readers and Artemis Fowl did not (though a strong fan following for the later series also cannot be denied). We should be just glad that we got both the series almost at the same time. There are, of course, some similarities between the two characters. Both of them live in a world of magic though it’s secret (the magic world) and has to remain that way. The way J K Rowling has written Harry Potter is slightly conservative, but Artemis Fowl innovates his way out of trouble (and creates anarchy).

Don’t Miss Out On the Fun

Artemis Fowl And The Time Paradox is the sixth book in the series and is just joy and nothing else. The only drawback is, it would be great if you have read the earlier parts in the series – otherwise you’d need time to grow accustomed to the characters. You’d be missing out on some fun also (if you don’t know what happened in the earlier books).

The Secret World Should Remain Secret

In the first book, the hero comes across a secret world where he captures Captain Holly Short so he could get out of magical siege (and get ransom for his future endeavors). Most of the supporting cast started their lives in the first book of the series itself, therefore many jokes and dialogs are shaped by what happened in the earlier parts, so you need to read those books if you want to enjoy The Time Paradox fully.

Amazing Supporting Cast

All the supporting characters are just amazing, including Butler (the bodyguard of Artemis Fowl), Julius Root (Capt Holly Short’s boss), Foaly (the tech support person) and the flatulent dwarf, Mulch Diggums. In one book Artemis was up against Opal Koboi, who was trying to provoke a war between the People and humans. With time Artemis Fowl has become more mature, and his arrogance has reduced from the days when he was a new character in the first book itself.

Have You Ever Met Your Younger Self?

Even the relationship between Capt Holly Short and the hero has become complicated. He was also in trouble later on due to the fairy enhanced supercomputer which he sold to the mafia. The time paradox storyline is set in the time just after The Lost Colony, in which the hero is back from an adventure but he is three years late (than what he expected). His mother has been diagnosed with a rare disease which had almost finished The People once – Spelltropy. The only possible cure is through the animal Madagascan silky sifaka lemur which became extinct due to Artemis Fowl himself, some years ago. The only way he can save his mother is by going back in time and confronting his younger self to get that animal.

By Prasoon Kumar

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