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Article Marketing – How to Write an Article When You Don’t Have Time to Write an Article


Some days I feel like I just turn around and the day is gone. I don’t think I have time to write, most days, but I some how do manage to write almost every day.

When I first get up in the morning, I find I have about twenty minutes before anyone else gets up, calls me, or figures out that they need my attention for whatever given topic they want me to do. Twenty minutes isn’t long, so I have to get whatever I’m going to do, done fast.

There are several methods of Article Writing “Starting Processes” that work well for me:

1. Start a list of topics

2. Add sub-topics under each topic

3. Add more topics and expand each sub-topic into more sub-topics

4. Write a paragraph about a topic.

5. Write down a quote about a topic.

6. Write down any thoughts on a given topic.

7. Write down a thought about where you got the topic idea.

All of these go into a single Document File, and I pull random ideas from the list, if I’m stuck for a topic or writing idea. Beyond these, I use a spiral to jot down ideas when I’m not at my computer. I have a small box by my computer where I put slips of paper that I list ideas and topics whenever I’m not at the computer and don’t have the spiral. I’m always and forever, calling myself to leave a message — TOPIC IDEA.

Literally, If I sat down and wrote constantly for two months, I don’t think I could ever run out of ideas.

Once I have ideas, the writing goes fast:

1. Write a working Title

2. Ask a question.

3. Answer it with a referral to your article.

4. Write your specific format – tips, paragraphs, or thoughts.

5. Ask your reader if you can help them find an answer.

6. Write a quick referral and link to your site.

7. Copyright your article.

You’re done!

Are you ready to do something more with your articles?

By Jan Verhoeff

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