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Article Marketing Plan: Create One Using These Steps


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Key Steps To your website traffic future

If you are interested in getting free search engine website traffic than you need to take a look at article marketing. Article marketing can be a very rewarding website traffic generator but you need to have a article marketing plan in place to be successful. You need to set a goal of writing and submitting at least one article per week to have any impact on your website traffic. The most important element of a article marketing plan is follow through. Don’t get side tracked with excuses.

For example I have A fishing site and I post a minimum of 1 article per week about fishing. One article may not sound like a lot but you are building links with these articles that will last a lifetime. Also quality and respectability are strong factors when writing articles. If you don’t have a goal to recognized as a expert in your selected “niche” then don’t bother with article marketing.

Also article marketing is not a quick hit marketing technique that will get you 1000’s of hits to your website. Your traffic will grow gradually over time. But I can guarantee this traffic will be quality targeted traffic. I have been using article marketing for about two years now and my sales have doubled.

I have identified below some key steps you can use to develop your own marketing plan.

#1 Identify your “niche” market. Do not waste your time starting to write articles until you have completed this step. The more specific you are when you identify what you want to write about the better success you will have.

#2 Create a keyword , keyword phrase list of at least 50 keyword phrases. These words need to be associated with the “niche” market you have chosen. I do not recommend you start out targeting single keywords, select keyword phrases about your niche that are two and three words in length. Concentrate on using keyword phrases that are two and three words in length. The reason I say this is because writing articles that concentrate using just single keywords are very hard to get listed on search engines. It is much easier to get listed with two and three keyword phrases. To develop your keyword phrase list go to Google Adwords and use their free keyword tool. It is an excellent marketing tool. Type in a single keyword that is associated with your “niche” market. Adwords will generate a list of two and three keyword phrases for you. Make sure you download or copy this list for future use when you are writing your articles.

#3 Now you are ready to start writing articles! What I do in my writing is just start writing what comes to mind that is pertinent to the niche I have selected. If you have to do any research do it before you start writing. This is also an excellent way to help with your articles structure. I typically will focus on using three different phrase for each article. As a rule of thumb I try to write articles that concentrate on three keyword phrases. Each new article I write concentrates on 3 new keyword phrases or a variation of existing ones I have used. One thing about keywords or phrases is that you do not want to repeat the same targeted word or phrase more than once every 100 hundred words. Take for example, if I were writing a article about article marketing and targeting the phrase “ Article Automation” and the length of my article was say 700 words, I would need to make sure this key word phrase was not used more than once every 100 words and no more then 7 times total. There are some twists you could use like mixing it up and instead of using “crappie fishing you could use “crappie angling” Its up to you. Just don’t repeat the same phrase in a 100 word count, the search engines penalize you for doing so and your article will not score well. Remember concentrate on the quality of your article when inserting keyword phrase. It’s important that you get the attention of the reader.

#4 Your next and final step is creating and developing a good article directory list to submit your articles too. All article directories are not created equal so I suggest you use the following simple steps list the sites you want to submit to in a priority by Google ranking sequence. To get a listing of directories just do a search using the key word “article directory” as your search term. The results will give you 1000’nds of sites to use in your list development. I Do suggest two very important article sites that are worth mentioning that you should put at the top of your list, and they are ezinearticles.com and Searchwarp.com. I use a free Google ranking tool that is simple to use to locate each sites ranking. Type in the following keyword phrase “website ranking tools for Google” at Google’s search box to find a free ranking tool suitable for you, or just e-mail me and I send the link I use. Concentrate your list on rankings of “6”,”5”,”4”,”3” . Article directories with these rankings will get you the most website traffic.

Now your ready to start article marketing! Good Luck In your efforts, Sincerely Mark Fleagle.

By Mark Fleagle

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