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Artifact by K. T. Bowes, A Book Review


Kate knows how to not only spin the narrative to great emotional depths, but inscribe the scene with pitch perfect points of interest laying bare all that’s necessary for the reader to live the scenes; feel the emotions, hear the wind and even feel it flow over their skin. It’s a trait all authors strive to reach and Kate has it right.

Lara, the main character, has an interesting job. She loves it and relishes what she learns from it. You can sense the intensity of her regard for it as she uncovers and preserves history, bent on keeping it alive and intact, feeling the emotions its secrets may hold. But being in such a profession doesn’t keep her heart from feeling the hurts or loneliness that can happen in her real life. As you learn her story, you feel her struggles, pain and hope. You hear her sobs, her laughter and silence. And you get to know and care for her, wanting all that hurts to be turned into love and joy.

Then you meet Arama. His first impression is cutthroat, rude and yet exuding virile handsomeness. How could anyone resist that or should I say forgive that and not resist the other? But judging by appearance only usually has some unexpected surprises underneath, and Arama is no exception. What Lara wants to believe and thinks she sees are not what lurks beneath the surface. Thank goodness for heartfelt women or we would all be a lonely lot.

As the story unfolds and you feel the waves of emotional turns and twists, you realize how you want things to turn out, and hoping that’s how it ends. And even though the other characters weren’t as pivotal to the story, you learned enough about them to want to know more too. You were allowed glimpses into their lives and yet left with a few questions, which kept you glued to the story from beginning to end, searching for more. Hoping for more.

So this is how the author keeps you entertained in her works, looking for the next venture she pens to the page. Enjoying the creative thoughts she spins out in a tale that wraps around you as you turn one page to the next, you relish the moments you get to spend in another place, another life and another time. Kate wrote a love story that was much more than that. If you like love stories, you will love this. It’s a short story that I could have read for days.

By Colleen M Bratley

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