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Asbel Reviews Mighty No. 9! (Wii-U, Xbox One)


After much foot-dragging and disappointments, Asbel reviews Mighty No. 9 after playing it on the Xbox One and Wii-U.

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Thanks to Zejgar, Mighty No. 7248 for the Mighty No. 9 Rap footage!

Find his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/Zejgar/


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  1. Last time I was this Early

    I managed to complete my fishing journal in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

  2. I do think the game is wicked fun, but I traded it in like a week later cus I wish I hadn't paid $30 for it. The writing is shit, the voice acting is shit, the graphics are fucking terrible, but the gameplay and music (besides the rap song lol) are great!

    I'd say it's a good deal for $10 at most

  3. I own this game and its challenging, fun, and creative. This is the best Megaman game I have ever played. It takes some time to master and I suggest you play the game without any guides

  4. I have this on Wii u and my God all of the bugs and glitches I just can't take it anymore so I think I should get this on maybe Xbox or ps4

  5. you see, the problem with English voice acting from a Japanese production is exactly that. but the fact that you're going on about it just shows me how much MegaMan you haven't played. look up MegaMan 8 cutscenes, MegaMan X4 cutscenes. MegaMan x7 flame heyenard. games from Keiji Inafune usually have bad English dubs, so make the switch to subs and your ears will stop bleeding

  6. And, to be honest, I'm think Bloodstained seems to be following a similar path. Anyway, good work on the review.

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