Home Game Review Ask the King Ep. 38: November 7, 2013 pt1 – Weed, Fan Interaction, 3DS, Game Reviews and more

Ask the King Ep. 38: November 7, 2013 pt1 – Weed, Fan Interaction, 3DS, Game Reviews and more


DSP answers YOUR questions in the latest episode of Ask the King! Post up your questions for the next episode here: http://thekingofhate.com/forums/Thread-Ask-the-King-Ep-39-December-12-2013

Discussed in this part:
-Date change for next episode
-PO Box no longer in effect as of end of this month
-History of marijuana usage
-Has being interactive with the viewers and fans backfired?
-Using a green screen
-Direct capture of a 3DS
-Why do I use a scoring system for my reviews
-Why I use Gamestop to pick up my games

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  1. 11:47 Phil, have you ever taken an ambien and not gone straight to bed? Lol, this reminded me of one time ( or several – I don't remember, lmao ) I did that – yeah, not necessarily the best option – Long story short, there were videos waiting for me when I woke up and a melted tub of ice cream lying next to me on my bed. Ambien was a life-saver when I was taking steroids, but man… it can be a crazy experience.

  2. phil when u said ur lung r probably weaker than anyone elses prbably not me i have asthma just pointing that out

  3. Phil when I was going through blood cancer u mad me laugh and think about something else and started watching when i was 10 1/2 or 11

  4. Phil helped me make a decision on whether I buy Arkham Origins or not, which I didn't. I'll wait for the discounted GOTY edition, so that's why I love his reviews.

  5. The weed on your last time smoking may have been laced with heroin considering you were out of it for over a day. Did you wake up in the same spot? Cuz usually you don't move much when under the influence of Heroin

  6. Phil, the reason so many people hate you is because of the way you act while you play your games. You never seem to be enjoying yourself, the jokes you make are often really immature, you always shit on games for things that YOU'RE doing wrong, and you never pay attention to the game, so most of the playthrough is just you wandering around trying to figure things out that the game just told you while raging like a maniac. People aren't just hating on you for no reason, you've failed to really make any change at all.

  7. Btw I doubt your weed was laced, that just sounds like you smoked something very strong and too much of it

  8. You go Phil! 😀 love your work man you always cheer me up man and I am not even ever sad 😀


  9. i love how Phil criticizes other Youtubers who make money saying oh they only make it for money they dont care im the only one who is true and shit  phil your exactly like the people who judge you , you judge these peoples saying shit you dont really know yes some of them probably dont care but some probably do so dont judge them wen you hate being judged on 

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