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ASUS MeMo Pad HD 7 review | Engadget


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To some extent, ASUS is a victim of its own success: it gave the budget tablet category a boost with the original Nexus 7, and it now faces a legion of competitors in that space. The company is taking a two-step approach to maintaining its relevance. The new Nexus 7 tackles the higher end, with top-tier specs that include a 1080p display and wireless charging. Right now, though, we’re more interested in ASUS’ low-end solution, the MeMo Pad HD 7. While it’s one of the cheaper name-brand tablets at $150, it promises some of the quality we typically expect from more expensive products. But is the HD 7 good enough to fend off other entry-level tablets? And can it attract customers who’d be willing to pay the premium for a new Nexus 7′? Let’s find out.

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  1. I would agree with the nexus 7 2013 being better but IMO its a waste of the power of the tablet if you cannot put much content on it. It limits you to about 14gb of usable space on the 16gb model and about 29gb usable on the 32gb model. For me that simply isn't enough for a wifi only tablet. I use a 64gb sd card which is mostly full. Does the MeMo pad have gps? I am looking to upgrade from a samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 which has gotten slow and the new samsung tabs aren't much of an upgrade.

  2. There's a good reason why Google restricts the use of SD expansion on Nexus devices. The NAND used in vast majority of SD cards is generally of very low quality and is very slow. This is the reason why devices that have SD expansion are only able to use it for media storage/playback but not the OS, apps, or app data.

  3. Too bad the new Nexus 7 2013 does not have a SD Micro Slot.

    The Asus MeMo HD pricing and decent specs is a great plus for me.

  4. Will they be updating the software to the new android 4.3 or is that not expected for this tablet ?

  5. Can anybody tell me is the ASUS fonepad better than this in gaming,browsing, responsiveness and overall performance because I paid a high price for the fonepad.so the fonepad should be better..but can anyone plz tell me which is much better???????plz

  6. I just bough 1 Asus Memo Pad HD7.
    Recently heavy test the device and update.

    h t t p : / /memopadhd7.gweb.io /

    So happy with
    – Smart Cover Sensor (No need always press the power button)
    – Camera
    – Whatsapp
    – Games
    – etc…

    It is very good budget tablet!!!

  7. PLEASE tell me where you got it for that price! Everywhere except for ONE WALMART in Hattiesburg, MS is selling it for $150, and it was out of stock when I went to pick it up this past weekend.

  8. I feel like Asus made a pretty big doodoo by giving the Memo Pad an SD slot and NOT giving one to the Nexus 7… I mean, what is that? They'd sell even more 7s if they'd just put that feature in. But you know, for nearly $100 less for pretty close to the same thing, I guess we can't complain too much about the Memo Pad. 🙂

  9. You can blame Google for that.
    They didn't allow Asus to include an SD slot. They chose to rely more on cloud storage instead of a physical slot.

  10. if you root it … it shares the same tegra 3 processor of the Nexus 7 and almost every tablet… if you overclock it to 1.7, wouldnt it run as fast as technically the TF701? whch is a 10 inch tablet priced at 400? o-o

    anyways if higher end devices share the same processor, technically what manufacterurs do is overclock the newer models so it will run things more smoothly whilst using the same chipset.

    old nexus 7 runs 1.3 gigHertZ

    nexus 7 2013 runs 1.7 gigHertZ

    Memo Pad HD7 runs 1.2 gigHertZ

    but all share the exact same chip set…

    if you root your device you can overclock it to 1.7 and have better results than what they did…

    heck even the older models like TF201 runs at 1.3 gigHertZ but can be clocked at 1.7 safely without reprocussions…

  11. I own this tablet and it kinda sucks, the cover screen is very low quality even with grate care i have a huge ugly scratch on it 🙁
    the quality of the build is really low if you apply a bit of pressure it makes caking sounds.
    The amount of internal memory is quite low you do not get 16 GB from the start I had only about 11 and with the efficient way android uses its memory I only have about 3 left

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