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Audi A4 Avant 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


The Audi A4 Avant, as the name suggests, is based upon the A4 saloon, but with some major differences in the form of capacity. As it’s an estate model, the A4 Avant enjoys a larger interior and boot space, but using the same high quality materials, as well as a revised range of engines to improve efficiency. Is this all enough to compete with the likes of the popular Volkswagen Passat, or the stylish Mercedes C-Class Estate, and Skoda Superb? Found out exactly what I think of the Audi A4 Avant in this in-depth video review.

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  2. Hi Matt, what would you say on the regular A4 Saloon – Avoid, Consider, Shortlist or Buy?
    (asking since in that review there is no classification like this – thanks!)

  3. Good review as usual Mat. I own this car – the A4 Avant 2.0 TFSi S-Line, Scuba Blue… I have to say it is one of the best cars I've owned (and I've driven many including Mercedes, BMW, Volvo). The A4 Avant to me combines practicality with smooth understated sophistication. The interior is so well built and wraps around the driver like a cockpit.

    Prior to this car I had SUVs for a long time and I thought I would miss being high up, but I don;t and the ride makes all the difference. It's also much lower for my dog to jump in/out of (SUVs can be high and hard on dog's joints)

    Some tips for you:
    1. I chose the 2.0 TFSI Auto as the auto has LOWER CO2 than the manual and it puts it in the same company car tax-band as the 190TDi (as diesels get a 3% surcharge added by the government which places them in the same BIK%).

    2. TDI Ultra engines need AdBlue additive or the car won't start – the petrol doesn't, so less hassle

    3. The petrol models are cheaper to buy than the diesel versions and Petrol fuel economy is 42-44mpg on a run, and 35-38mpg around town real-world.

    4. If you order the S-line go for the comfort suspension (non-adaptive) – it's a free "downgrade" from the Sport suspension, but the Sport suspension is lower and much harder on UK roads. As Mat says in the review the standard comfort suspension is pretty good. Adaptive is the ultimate if you can afford it (about £800 extra)

    5. In Mat's review the back centre console armrest had NO cupholders and the back of the driver/passenger seats in front had no nets… This is because (stupidly) Audi charge for these. They call it a Storage pack and it adds about £165. It is well worth it, and adds some boot nets & stuff too.

    6. The equipment levels on the Sport model upwards are very good, tri-zone climate, electric boot, front and rear parking sensors, infotainment with satnav, electric/heated mirrors (non-folding unless you upgrade), inner led lighting, light-up door handles when you unlock the car at night, proper thin spare wheel (no gunk or run-flat tyres), reversible boot floor.

    7. The Virtual cockpit comes as part of technology pack it is a VERY expensive. I think over £1500

    This car is SO quiet and smooth, the auto gearbox is a dream!.. the Turbo petrol has loads of power delivered smoothly through the range on this Turbo petrol engine.

    I drove a BMW on long-term test drive to compare and imo the Audi engines are WAY ahead in refinement, and quietness… the 320D 4 cylinder BMW engine sounds like an old London bus. BMW ride is poor and tyre noise a big issue which is not helped by the run-flat tyres that are standard and you can't choose not to have them.

    Someone commented these wheels didn't suit the car – they DON'T!… BUT these pictured are NOT the standard wheels on any model, someone added those o this demo model. The standard ones are much nicer, particularly on the S-Line.

    Mat's wrong about one thing… you shouldn't "consider it", you should "just buy it" – If you want an estate, not a SUV, this is the best looking, best performing, best built, most quiet & refined estate car of this size on the road.


  4. Audi's are so generic looking! The whole range looks to similar. Those German designers seem to have the personality of a brick wall.

  5. It looks perfect inside, it looks great from the front, but rear side, and those aweful alloys, it's like from 1995.

  6. Audi always looks stellar in red. But I don't really like the new rounded nose of the A4 and A5. Doesn't look quite as dynamic as the previous models.

  7. 2:38 I don't get it why is the ability to slide a bicycle in such a stand out point. My sister 2008 Auris can fit a bicycle easily with the rear seats folded (hatchback version), and so should the A4 non-avant version

  8. I recently bought the 2 litre Avant tfsi Sports, what a car ! 190 ps, 0-60 in 7 seconds, so far 38 mpg ! Whats not to like !

  9. WHY DON'T WE HAVE THIS IN AMERICA?! I hate being an American sometimes. I'm constantly surrounded by false macho men that feel like they have to compensate by buying gigantic SUVs. You Brits are winning at life.

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