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Audi A5 3.0 Quattro TDI Special Edition owners review @audi


This is my honest review of the my Audi A5 I have owned for just over a year now and replaced my Mercedes c250 Coupe. Just to note I mention in the video that the special edition comes with black trim like mine but it doesn’t that is the Black Edition. Sorry it has taken me so long to do this, but hopefully you will find it useful. Please feel free to as any questions in the comments below and I shall do my best to answer you.

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  1. hi, got the c class coupe yest and i really love it. great to drive, handling and the interior is amazing;) i got it white with red leather.. wonderful; )

  2. hi, i'm looking to buy one of these, I would just like know if you have had any problems during your time of owning your A5 and the general reliability of the car?

  3. What year ? I've looked at the s5 but want dual clutch, what year did they start doing them in the a5 do you know ?


  4. Interesting review, I'm going to be buying a A5 in the next week, own a A6 3.2 Quattro, have thought of the 2.0 S line Quattro about 09 0r same age ass yours. Don't do much in miles per year, is your engine size ok for short journeys? though I understand would have to for a long trip every so often.

  5. Liked you review very much – keep going ! Wanna buy this car for myself – already found an option.
    P.S. Work on your thumbnails (video preview pictures) – they are little bit bad)))

  6. another think i love about these 3.0 tdi cars is when you straight pipe them they sound like a prooer v6 like a 370z

  7. Well, honest review.I just adore German engineering. Can't mess with The Germans when it comes to building cars.

  8. could give it a wash and cleaning inside before reviewing it. Don't like dirty people thats all!

  9. Brilliant review. What's the gearbox life like? Will it need anything changing after a certain amount of miles. I have a deposit down on one with 90,000 miles on clock. Thanks.

  10. Definitely the engine to get, returns good MPG, hugely reliable, loads of power and torque (500nm), and the interior quality really holds up to modern standards.

  11. Doubt you still have this? Looking at getting a 2010 (like this one was) and the 3.0tdi. Was it reliable for you?

  12. phill maybe the technological and scientific side they are Streets ahead but there’s a reason why most f1 teams a based in uk we have some of the best engineers in the world they work hand in hand

  13. is the 2012 a5 tdi 3.0l 270hp? in eu they do have that hp but i see only 245hp
    only in usa

  14. hi there mate .how din you find this regarding to interior space and boot space compared to the c class coupe ? wich one do you like most ?

  15. I had a c class amg merc, ran it for a year whilst my wife bought the v6 Audi auto, I drove both and out of the pair I always found myself wanting to drive the Audi more, I got rid of the merc and bought “ her indoors” a Volvo and I kept the Audi. Absolutely love the power on offer from the v6 plus it’s so quiet. I’ll never go back now. Ps the wife is happy with her Volvo.

  16. Hi Mark, What MPG did you get when driving normally? Does that drop much when driving eagerly?

  17. Why don’t you tell us about thefuel economy and how much the road tax is on this vehicle please. Thank you

  18. Thank you for your reply, that’s amazing for a 3.0L … I average 32–35 on a 2L X type 🤔 The road tax is bit of a killer though! One of my friend has A6 .. 3.0L but the Rotax is £125

  19. 👍 that’s amazing, i’m planning to get the range Rover evoque as my next car too but I cannot afford the new 2 L ones. I’m looking for the old 2.2 L .. maybe 20 11–12 model. Thanks again take care 👍

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