Home Game Review Azure Striker Gunvolt: REVIEW Nintendo 3DS

Azure Striker Gunvolt: REVIEW Nintendo 3DS


Azure Striker: Gunvolt Review 3DS.

Infaune’s newest Action Game feels like Mega Man X reborn! The Game is currently $14.99 on the Nintendo 3DS Eshop

Azure Striker Gunvolt Walkthrough – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX_Cone6vbMGJrWHH62z1s1HEvpfIEw4s

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL158F08420A40A545

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  1. I would love this game if only I had a Nintendo 3DS, sadly I only have a Nintendo DS from 2004

    But I have shared this video on FB so I hope I have done my best to spread the word of the game

    I love JPop and this game's reference to the JPop industry as an organization bent on controlling the masses is really interesting take in the storyline of Gunvolt. 

  2. I know of the Song of the Warrior from My Bride is a Mermaid. It can really make the audience go crazy. Would have loved to see all those mozaics in the audience if something like that were used. 

  3. No this game should be 2/10 I like the electric powers, but how stupid is it that no matter what the skills and guns always do the same damage no matter what level you are, especially when the guns are all different in capabilities.

  4. I don't know why no one talks about the mega man ZX games. They were a very good sequel/spiritual successor to Mega man zero. I guess that's why I like Gunvolt so much.  

  5. Kwing, you know by double tapping down before your EP fully depletes you can instantly recharge it manually right?
    No waiting.

  6. I'd get this if not for the "use R to kill" mechanic. It seems extremely out of place and something that would slow a fast moving game down. All the gameplay seems slow to me, theres no demo I can try… and even at that, the game's price is too high for something I can seemingly beat in 2 hours.

  7. It's pronounced "ah-shure", I hate to be a grammer Nazi (actually I love it, I'm an asshole) but little things like that annoy me.

  8. I need to get this game! I played the demo and I really enjoyed it! The only gripe I have, is that you can't duck. Besides that, it's nothing.

  9. Collectables for true ending, leveling and combo-system sucks. I just want to play the GAME, not this Play Market free crap

  10. You do realize you can recharge the EP meter by double tapping down, right? It's really painful to watch someone constantly overheating.

  11. "Just like how amazon said school days was a delightful romantic comedy" I'm dying laughing this is great. No let's never warn people what it really is. They deserve the surprise ending.

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