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B.A. Pass Movie Review | Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal


Check out B.A. Pass Movie Review By Divya Solgama

Dum hain, kaafi dum hain for all those who love dark artistic films. It’s a visual treat for all those who love realistic type hard hitting films. As for the mass audience and people expecting to see an entertaining masala film, this award winning movie might be too bold and dark for them.

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  1. poonam pandey shame on you.you were bold and shilpa shukla too was bold.but the message you spreaded out was harmful to todays youth.ba pass proved that films have some social responsibility.

  2. Time is ripe for the Bollywood to become not Hollywood but Sexywood. May spoil young minds and the Indian culture. Sex coming out of the bedroom is nothing but vulgarity.

  3. Uncle grow up, it's a well known fact that romantic books and movies attracts everybody and sex is a part of romance. I think you need to watch some hollywood moviews before making any conclusion :p

  4. Buddha hoga tera baap! However you are too young to understand the difference between good life-partner relationship behind the curtain. Would you like to expose your sexual relationship with your "would be" wife or keep it secret and sacred forever???

  5. Hello Ramandeep!
    I agree with you what you have said. I am not at all opposing it. I have watched Hollywood movies since I was a child. Every weekend on Saturdays, our school used to screen it on its own auditorium with a 35mm. projector. We were punished of not enjoying any movie when we didn't complete our home study assignments. However, of late the best Hollywood movie I liked was "THE TITANIC". It is a typical love story between couples who truly loved each other where..keep reading.

  6. "Sex" is immaterial but a true love is eternal. Hope you are too young to understand it. If you base your relationship with your life partner on only with romance and sex; your relationship will end up into divorce very soon. On the contrary, as you start growing old you won't have the lust of sex and romance because it is totally a biological process to enjoy each other and produce offsprings. But Love is always eternal and it will never die with time. You can love anybody but only…

  7. have sex with your life partner. So, would you like to share your first night's romance and sex with your friends when you will marry? If you won't then you truly love your life partner. If you will then you lead the whole sacred and true love into vulgarity!!

  8. enjoy this amazing movie, out of box concept.

    male prostitutes in India, don't you think it's a great movie ?

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