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Baby Jogger City Mini GT vs Nuna Tavo Popular | Prices | Ratings | Reviews | Comparisons


Looking for an affordable, city-friendly, compact and lightweight baby stroller? In this stroller comparison video, we introduce two of our favorites: the popular Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller, and the brand-new 2016 Nuna Tavo Stroller.

Both strollers are small and light, with simple, compact folds – the City Mini GT has a particularly impressive one-step, one-handed fold. Both also easily transform to accommodate a newborn baby: the Nuna Tavo can recline fully so babies can lie flat, or take on a Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat without any additional purchase, while the City Mini GT can accommodate a wide variety of infant car seats with the additional purchase of an adapter.

Both strollers also offer a wide variety of additional features that enhance ease-of-use, ease of pushing, your child’s comfort, and more. You can explore these features by watching the video, and if you’re not sure which of these urban strollers is best for you, ask us! Come visit us and try these strollers out at any Magic Beans store, or email questions@mbeans.com. Or, sign up for a FREE consultation with one of our stroller matchmakers at the link below.

Sign up for a FREE consultation: http://mbeans.com/needhelp

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Buy the Nuna Tavo Stroller: http://mbeans.com/nuna-tavo-stroller

Buy the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Stroller: http://mbeans.com/baby-jogger-2016-city-mini-gt-single-stroller.html

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  1. is the citi mini (17 pounder) infant friendly. thats what they said when i called babyjogger but after watching your videos it seems not.

  2. Are there any quality strollers in this same price range and weight (without going to full size) that offers a rear-facing seat option with out having to use the car seat to achieve it?

  3. Thank you Magic Beans for helping me and my husband to decide which stroller we're going to get!

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