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Backbreaker Review (vs. Madden NFL Football) Xbox360


Full Review Here: http://angryjoeshow.com/2010/06/game-review-backbreaker/

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  1. lol madden is if not dead.. its dying hard..especially since worst game company over has its rights(EA).. dont know 1 person who buys or plays madden NFL..bring back nfl street

  2. I love how Joe mispronounces so many words. "Alahgorithm" "Expecially" "Combiluted" to name but a few gems. <3

  3. …That was one evil laugh at the end. Now if there was a Rainbow Dash rainbow factory version.

  4. I won't lie I do think the passing controls are a little screwy but you eventually get used to them after some practice. I think the critics nailing this game are benign pretty unfair.

  5. So did you get rid of this full review? It's not on your site anymore and the full review isn't posted here. Where can we find it?

  6. And thus a new era of full reviews on Youtube began, without links to broken videos in descriptions on the wrong sides. I will savor this last non-full review, savor its pain so that I may appreciate the absence of it from now on, in this Angry Review marathon!

  7. I don't understand why the NFL just doesn't stop selling exclusive rights, and instead charge piecemeal. Any publisher wanting their game to have the license will have to pay a fee or percentage of profits. Idk the spreadsheets, but I would think they'd make more money (even assuming EA is paying an absurd fortune for it)

  8. We’re in Xbox one now and madden 18 still doesn’t have as good tackling and blocking physics as this game

  9. Backbreaker is harder to play then madden cuz it doesn't follow the mechanics of madden

  10. I hate backbreaker because it doesn’t have NFL license Like I mean you can’t play as real NFL teams like the Dallas Cowboys the Detroit Lions Houston Texans

  11. Madden for sure isn't perfect, but please!!!! This game is utter garbage. The passing camera sucks, the defense is facing the offense only. Makes one dizzier than a fifth of bourbon. All the players look like characters that landed on the moon. I think people try to convince themselves this game is great just because they want to hate Madden. BACKBREAKER IS TRASH!!! BLITZ THE LEAGUE SERIES WAY BETTER ALTERNATIVE

  12. God if backbreaker had the nfl rights and some more money poured into it it would be so dope

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