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Bad Disneyland Hotel Experience – PLUS How They Turned it Around


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Have you ever had a Bad Disneyland Hotel Experience? In this video I tell you about my recent bad experience at the Disneyland Hotel with a focus on how they turned it around. If you’ve ever stayed at (or are planning a trip) to the Disneyland Hotel, you know how high your expectations can be. But with expectations so high, we have a long way to fall if something goes wrong. What sets Disney properties apart is how they handle a bad experience.

Things to note about this video:

1. The manager did not know I review hotels
2. I was very polite in all of my encounters (you attract more bees with honey)
3. I did not expect or ask for anything…I just wanted the problem fixed
4. I had just gone through the most stressful 2 years of my life with my husband being diagnosed with a serious auto-immune disease.

Have you had a cast member go the extra mile? Give them a cast compliment!

1. Note their name, the date, time and location of your interaction
2. Let Disney know about it! You can visit a Guest Relations location at any hotel or park, or go on social media! For quick encounters, I like to send a tweet to @DisneylandToday and use the Hashtag #CastCompliment but for ones like what happened in this video, I make the effort to visit a Guest Relations location.

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  1. Hey everyone! Have you ever had a bad experience at a Disney Hotel??? More importantly, did Disney manage to turn it around?

  2. Thank goodness that Ben is ok. Also this was a well turn around from a bad experience to a good one!

  3. when Walt put his name on the hotel…it was forever destined to be held to higher standards…oh man not good story….but good outcome…that's why that lady is a manager and that other lady will never be one! BIG SHOUTOUT TO ROSE for doing such a great job! I can still remember the bad experience you had at Trader Joes ……man just not fair that nice Canadians like you guys should have any bad experiences! sure wish Ben could go with you guys! Hope he is feeling better these days, eh? 🙂

  4. Could you please consider reviewing the Courtyard Main Gate by Marriott. It is the sister resort next to the Fairfield.

  5. Heard your story and I’m so happy your husband is doing great . Thank you so much for sharing this videos with us. Love the video

  6. They only turn it around because you bitched and complain! 🙄 Otherwise they don’t care.

  7. Cast Members at Disney is what makes the park so awesome. I miss them in this time they are closed!

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