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Balderdash (2015) review – Board Game Brawl


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  1. One of my favorite party games.  The new version is apparently just a remake of Beyond Balderdash from 1997.  Glad this game lives again, as it deserves it.  🙂  Such a killer game with creative people.  Play this one with comedy writers if you want to pee your pants.  heh

  2. I never played Balderdash, I didn't realize that this is the inspiration of Fibbage on psn/Xbox live/steam. Fibbage is from the guys who made You Don't Know Jack. There are some really smart design choices in the game. Each player actually uses their phone as the controller. The game system basically hosts the game and you connect to the game with your web browser on your phone (each game generates a unique code that you type in on fibbage com to join). The questions are shown on the tv screen, while you write and vote for answers on your phone. Fibbage basically removes the bookkeeping fiddliness.

  3. Great review, thanks Nick.
    HAHA it's funny you mentioned that the dasher should read all the responses personally before reading them to the group. I actually purposefully fake laugh and stumble through some words for strategy. It works well because people don't vote on the real card because they always say "But how come you couldn't read your own handwriting", it's a good tactic 😛 
    I agree though, this game is very group dependent! I have a group of friends that love this game and we are always in hysterics. I've tried it with another group of friends and they just got bored…so it's a bit of a wild card.
    Personally this has to be my favorite party game…this and Dixit 😀

  4. My friends all gravitate towards the funniest answers. One time, I was playing this game with a group of friends. One of them was a guy named Brandon. It was his turn to be the judge. He rolled a two (wired people). The name was "Jauques Brandonberger." The correct answer was an Austrian physicist. And me, being the Einstein that I am, wrote "a French version of Brandon making hamburgers." It brought the house down and everyone got headaches from laughter.

  5. But if you know your friends handwriting won''t you always know the dasher's answer?

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