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Bandu: Starlit Citadel Reviews Season 4


Bandu is an action / dexterity board game where the goal is to build a tower with a set of wooden pieces of different dimensions (e.g. a cube, an egg, a ring, a fir tree etc.). Bandu plays 2 – 6 players in 45 minutes.

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Titles and editing by Joanna Gaskell

Videography by Carla Miller

Sound design and music by Kersten Tennert

Hair and makeup by Ashley J. Young

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  1. Our game nights tend to be in the bar … and even though it's a quiet one I could see us spending most of the evening hunting for bits on the floor after the table is knocked for the umpteenth time! 🙂

  2. Your assessment of this game as being good for playing with children and also good for groups of inebriated adults seems spot on. You folks choose the most interesting games to spotlight. This is another great video.

  3. Love Bandu, but the primary issue I have with this one with children…especially younger kids is the table bumping phenomenon.  Really appreciate the tip to try this on the kitchen island.  Will have to give that a try.

  4. A better variant from a user on BoardGameGeek:

    * Everyone starts with 5-10 gems and a base piece.
    * Place one or many pieces from the box into the middle of the table
    * On your turn you either (A) pass and put a counter next to an unclaimed piece, or (B) take a piece from the middle with all its counters.
    * If you have no counters you must take the piece and its counters, place it in your tower, and draw a replacement piece for the middle

  5. Cute as hell.. haha.. great for the adults as well as the younglings. Awesome review gals, as usual. Did you guys make it to GenCon? I was curious.

  6. this looks like a neat game. I love the concept. I never thought playing with blocks could be that fun. I'll have to put this on my buy list.

  7. Bought this game (it's called "Bausack" in europe) one day before you uploaded this video. Totally feeling confirmed with my purchase after watching your review. Thanks a lot for your great work ladies <3

  8. Very good review. First game I thought of was Animal Upon Animal and how wee ones can graduate to this. I also like the idea of playing on a "nailed" down surface which is so much better than nailing down a kiddo to the floor (joking). Of course adults who have a bit to drink could very well find themselves nailing someone else to the floor (not necessarily joking). Either way looks like fun. Thanks.
    EDIT: Found a copy of the 1991 version at a thrift store today complete and in great shape.

  9. I really enjoy the Starlit Citadels videos. I have a question regarding one of the games on the shelf behind the hosts that I often see in videos including this one. It looks to be a silver thermos type thing, in the lower right. What is that?

  10. Are there any other simple games that work with children and adults like bandu or jenga?

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