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Batman 1989 Movie Review


This movie gave the birth to the 'summer blockbuster' but even that can't save this movie. To judge this movie on today's standards is a bit unfair because of how good Batman Begins is, but that's the only way I can review this movie by today's standards.

Yes this movie does save the Batman franchise from the ridiculously camp TV series that was Batman and Robin, but after that it doesn't do a lot for is self. Other critics may have adored Batman 89 'for it's moody, gothic art-deco Gotham City, and of course for Nicholson's performance as the Joker, but this movie is everything Batman shouldn't be and the same goes for the Joker.

There are two many flaws in this movie to be overlooked, and we are going to go through them. First of all the whole story is a mess, the love interest between Vicky Vale and Bruce Wayne has no chemistry at all. Bruce and his butler Alfred constantly reminds the viewers how special Vicky Vale is after only 1 date, which she ends up sleeping with him very special indeed. Also the whole Joker 'who do you trust' campaign is just a joke (no pun intended) it doesn't make sense once bit, the joker isn't running for mayor but for some reason has opened up a campaign of some sort.

Another problem I had with this movie is the fact that Michael Keaton makes no impression as Batman or Bruce Wayne for the matter and most of his acting his done by his bushy eyebrows. The biggest problem I had watching Batman 89 'though is Batman's willingness to kill, there's a scene in the movie which shows Batman sitting in his Bat mobile surrounded by the jokers thugs, Batman then willingly drops a bomb outside his car killing them instantly. It seams like everyone connected with this movie has no idea what Batman is and what he stands for.

Critics have also celebrated the role of Nicholson in this movie over the years, but I for one think his performance does work, for the most part is seams Nicholson has no idea who the joker is just as Keaton has no idea who the Batman is.

The only good thing that came out of this movie was the fact that it was the first Batman to hit the big screen which opened doors for Christopher Nolan's masterpiece Batman Begins. i rate Batman 1989 2/5 stars.

By Ricky Davies

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