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B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris | Roomtour Breakfast Amenities + what's good and bad


The B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris is a budget hotel, but qualified a an official Disneyland Paris partner hotel. Which makes it very interesting to stay at. Free shuttle to the Disneyland Park, free breakfast and it’s a fairly new hotel. But is it any good? We stayed here for two nights and tell you all about it. The room, breakfast, how we slept, positives and negatives.

Explorers Hotel: https://youtu.be/fFH96VRpWNw
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  1. ❀️ this is a nice review of a very decent hotel. I like how the meals and bar are basic but a great price. I noticed that the price of the hotel is climbing. Your hotel room was huge! A double room you can barely turn around in.

    Thanks for sharing and soooo glad it was nice for you guys!

    Ps. Agree with Sven, a solid 8 for the croissants!

  2. I stayed here last year and thought it was great as we just used it for sleeping in and breakfast! X

  3. Another great review! Room seemed very clean. What a nice change.😳🀣😍

  4. This one looks like a very appealing budget option! I know you drove, but was the bus packed?

  5. Hi Elise & Sven, thanks so much for this vlog about the B & B hotel 😊 I am planing a trip to DLP later this year & am hoping to treat myself to a stay at Newport Bay Club 😍 But I won't always be in a position to do that πŸ˜±πŸ’° ha! So, I'd thought about the B & B as an option for a longer stay at some point. As a solo traveller, would using local taxis be safe if I was leaving the Disney village after the transportation finishes? I'm not a real late night hawk πŸ˜‚but maybe the odd occasion? Thanks. Debbie 😊

  6. Thanks for another great review this time on my favourite hotel, the B&B hotel , I like stopping there because I go alone to the Parks and sometimes you get a good price to stay there , I don't need a pool and their wheelchair accessible rooms are good , the bus does get very crowded at night if you stay for fireworks , last year they had a mini van for wheelchair guests , hopefully this year as well , because I'm stopping there again this year πŸ™‚

  7. Oh you guys got a family room, nice Lucky bastards πŸ˜›
    The shower in the normal rooms is a pain in the ass, so you guys got lucky! The normal showers in the rooms, don't have a bottom ridge to keep the water inside, so it always gets wet and messy.
    The beds are hard, but that's the trade-off you make for the price in my opinion. They are do-able.
    Breakfast is pretty damn crowded normally, but is good. Coffee there is nice!
    Didn't get any dinner there, we always eat at the park or in Village as you know πŸ™‚
    The ride in the bus, that's a big bummer, because it is always crowded.
    Anyway, glad you guys did a video on this ! (y) Keep up the awesome work!

  8. echt super tof, ik ga eind juni met een vriendin naar Disney en we verblijven in dit hotel dus deze review komt mooi op tijd πŸ˜€

  9. How much you pay for the breakfast? This looks like a nice hotel to me, thank you guys for the review πŸ™‚

  10. thank you for this review we are staying here our 1st night of our trip and transfering to to DLP the next morning for a few days

  11. Every time I watch a review of a hotel…I hope that there’s no stains or hair and thank for there wasn’t! Another good video and roll on the next one!

  12. I stayed in that hotel last time I went and really my only complaint was because it shares the bus with other hotels it was way too crowded. At the night times we walked from the park all the way back to the hotel just because we would of had to wait a very long time for a less crowded bus

  13. Great review, nice hotel indeed. With breakfast you also get a nice view of the local countryside. I'm always wondering about how the French make their bread so heavenly.

  14. Hey guys, we stayed there last summer. Great hotel. The price is also good. We stayed there in two different rooms. We experienced that the beds are not always great (there is a difference between the 2 and 4 person rooms). Another downside was the height of the showering head.. It was a bit low (or am I to tall πŸ™„). But nice review. πŸ‘

  15. Thanks for this review! Looks good I think! At the very least it seems to be a very clean, new and decent budget option. Glad to have watched this just before our upcoming trip ❀️

  16. I love your channel. I’m going with my girlfriend and staying at this hotel in June (12th-16th). We are both 17. Do you think it will be busy, are there any ride closures we should know about and any other general tips or bits of information will be massively appreciated. Thanks

  17. Interesting, if you want to do DLP inexpensively looks ok. Rather be onsite. Keep up the great work. Hope the new job is working out

  18. My mom and I did Our first stay at the B&B last september with the MagicRun weekend. It was really great, it was clean and we got 2 big beds and alot of room around the beds, big bathroom with a real bath it was really great. Breakfast was great even on raceday, they had an early runners breakfast. It was a perfect stay!!! βœ”οΈ Nice review

  19. Hi Sven & Elise
    Wij gaan deze zomer naar het b&b hΓ΄tel. Heb je hier ook extra Magic time in de parks?

  20. Ik heb hier ook een keer al geslapen vond het een goed hotel verder een puntje wat ik echt miste dat was het kluisje op de kamer. Dus moest ik elke dag alles mee nemen kwa geld en andere waardevolle spullen. Als ik er weer ga slapen dan zorgen dat ik dan alles met me kredietkaart betaal

  21. 17 september ben ik hier ook, dit keer met mijn vader en oom samen. We gaan dit keer de Thalys proberen, heenweg goedkoop en terug betalen we iets meer om de dure class uit te testen van de Thalys. We besparen op het hotel, dus dan kan het gewoon πŸ˜‰

    Jammer alleen dat we nu niet vroeger het park in kunnen, maar met de Thalys hebben we toch veel meer tijd in Disney ipv. met de OAD bus. Misschien nog een leuk idee om een video te maken op het trein station met waar je je koffer kan brengen en je tickets kan halen zodat je niet eerst naar het hotel hoef.

    Hopelijk kom ik jullie nog eens tegen in het echt πŸ˜„

  22. The B&B, we're probably not going there again. The rooms were decent, but.. the breakfast was horrid. Plastic wrapped cheddar, hard croissants and pieces of bread that you could smack someone to death with. It easily beats the "Explorer's hotel". But pricing wise it generally is about as expensive as Kyriad is around the time we go. So that's an easy choice πŸ˜€

  23. I stayed in this hotel with my school and it was amazing. I stayed in room 2096 and couldn't hear any voices or people moving around .

  24. Nadat ik heel vaak in het Kyriad (nu Campanile) hotel ben verbleven naar grote tevredenheid, gaan we in December naar B&B, dus dit is leerzaam en fijn. Maar eerst Oktober in het Campanile.

  25. Great review, I booked this hotel for next April, I am travelling solo so it looks ideal (although thanks for the heads up about the water pressure)

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