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Beach Money By Jordan Adler – A Book Review


Any successful network marketer will tell you that you must set aside a portion of your business’ budget every month for personal development.  That includes books, CDs, conferences and also casual dinners with leaders and mentors. What, is the purpose of all this stuff? It is continuing education. Just like a CPA or a doctor or a teacher is required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits each year to renew their license, similarly the serious network marketer invests in their mindset, their posture and their people skills.

As part of my continuing education, I was given Jordan Adler’s book Beach Money by one of my mentors. Who can resist the cover image of Jordan reclining on the beach with his laptop unfurled? I’d like to summarize for you the key teachings that I took away from the book. While this is no substitute for reading it yourself, it will paint a picture of Jordan Adler’s life and key success principles. After you read it for yourself, share it with your downline.

Most Thought Provoking Ideas in Beach Money (in no particular order).

1. The Road to Success Has Many Potholes.

From Beach Money : Jordan Adler  failed or quit at 11 network marketing companies before becoming a legend in his current company.

What I took away: Success was always inside of him. Success requires tenacity and dedication. The skills of network marketing take time to acquire and master. The only way to acquire those skills is to keep going. After all, most entrepreneur in ‘traditional’ business fail the first time. Nine out of 10 start-ups fail. Most venture capitalists won’t even fund an entrepreneurs that doesn’t have a few potholes behind them. Facing, learning from, and moving past adversity is an essential trait in a leader.

2. Network Marketing is an Investment

From Beach Money: If your life is yardstick, the time you spend building your network marketing business is only a few inches.

What I took away: This got me thinking about a typical day. The time I spend reading, listening to CDs, and talking to mentors is like the time I spend reading with my kids. It’s a small percent of my whole day, but it will have a lifelong impact and no one can ever take it away from me (or them). Education is always an investment (not a cost). Stop looking at the cost of that book, cost of that conference, cost of that training package and start thinking about how rapidly you can apply what you will learn to get the best return on your investment.

3. Don’t Just Build a List; Nurture Your List

From Beach Money:  With some basic math, Jordan shows you that each business card in your rolodex is worth $100 – if you cherish it in that way. Your success it determined by two things…the size of your rolodex and the strength of your relationships with people in that rolodex.

What I took away: My husband summarized this point best. He says, “It’s not about WHAT you know and it’s not about WHO you know. Instead, it’s about what you know about who you know.” So true. Simply knowing a lot of people, but not knowing the first thing about their lives, their skills, their dreams won’t get you very far. If you’ve ever needed to ask for a favor and thought to yourself, “I can’t call that person because…”, then you don’t have a two-way relationship with that person.

4. Go DO Something…Then Do It Better Next Time

From Beach Money:  Jordan’s tip #9 is “Act and Adjust; Don’t Analyze.”

What I took away: As a former scientist, almost all on my early training taught me to analyze and study before taking action. Remember measure twice, cut once? It is essential that network marketers with this tendency become self aware about it. Will it be perfect the first time? No. Perfection is not our goal. Our goal is to constantly be improving. You have to take an action before you can improve upon it.

5. Friends and Family Mean Well; Be Grateful for Their Pessimism

From Beach Money: Jordan colorfully describes a Thanksgiving dinner that ended abruptly after a shouting match with his Father about his latest network marketing company.

What I took away: These people mean well. They are trying to protect you and in the process don’t realize the harm they may do. I’m a parent. If my sons were involved in something I deemed shady, dishonest or a waste of time, I would try to steer them away from it. The more they persisted, the harder I would try to counter. This is human nature. Parents flock and hover to protect their young. Next time someone in your immediate family criticizes your choice to pursue network marketing, look at it through a different lens. See that negative comments are an expression of love. The best way to love then back is simply to express gratitude for their concern. “Thanks mom, you are always looking out for me!”

By Andrea Kropp

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