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beauty empties + EWG ratings (using the SKIN DEEP website)


as a minimalist, I do my best to keep my products to a minimum and observe the one in, one out rule.
if you have any recommendations or favorites please let me know. i’m always looking for cleaner, cruelty-free options!

SKIN DEEP – EWG Database

PRODUCTS (in order of appearance):
1. Target strengthening nail polish remover – will not repurchase, searching for something more natural.
2. Juice Beauty black mascara – would repurchase, but using another mascara at the moment.
3. Rimmel sun bronzer – will not repurchase, looking to buy RMS cream bronzer next.
4. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Wash Shampoo – would repurchase but since this took me a year to use up, I’m curious to try something else. considering the Rahua volumizing formula or no-pooing it up for a while.
5. Caudalie Micellar water makeup remover travel size – I love the smell of this, and it worked great but for the price I’m not sure I’d repurchase.
6. ArtNaturals Vitamin C Serum – I love this and it’s affordable and on Amazon! I’ve already replaced this.
7. Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation (shade 5) deluxe sample – I loved this but I do want more natural products than this.
8. Lush Snow Fairy – I liked the concept of a body conditioner you use during the shower, but I COULD NOT stand the bubblegum scent.
9. Nuxe Reve De Miel ultra-comforting face cream – this is my second pot of this and I will most likely repurchase but until then I’ll be using coconut oil and jojoba oil.
10. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Rinse Conditioner – same as the shampoo. I really loved this, and it lasted over a year for me, but I’m ready to mix it up.
11. Davises Love liter sized pump – This is so old I’m just throwing it out! Took me way too long to get though a liter size. Learned that it’s not economical for me because I don’t use enough of it for it to be cost-effective. I do love this line and have used it for years. Would repurchase.
12. Cadaulie moisturizing “sorbet” face cream travel size – I do like this, but I prefer the Weleda face cream (in wild rose mmmm)
13. Lush Twilight – love this lavender scent! This was a Christmas gift and I’m savoring it. I usually use bar soap so maybe I’ll just get a lavender scent next.


FTC: all opinions are my own.

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