Home Hotel Review Bellagio hotel room review – the BAD and the UGLY

Bellagio hotel room review – the BAD and the UGLY


See my video in HD. This is part 2 of 2. Part 1 focused on the GOOD. Part 2 focuses on the BAD and the UGLY. These two parts offer a balanced review. Custome…

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  1. The older rooms look crappier, but after they renovated it, it looks much better. A Holiday Inn (Not in the US) would be better than this.

  2. This little twerp probably lost all his hundreds of dollars at the casino and is now broke.  His cheap clothes are proof.  I think he is lonely and angry.

  3. He's whining about a $179 a night room (plus the Las Vegas $32 room tax), but tomorrow he's going to be driving a Ferrari and a Lamborghini? Anyone know how to say "dooshbag" in Pakistani?

  4. How much does he expect for a $230 room ? A freaking classy luxurious pent house .

  5. WTH I got the Trump for 1 week for $108 with Taxes included for a nicer room than this. How could they give you an old room without a Flat Panel TV. Wow you should have gotten  a refund.

  6. I see more things that were fashionable 30 years ago. Your outfit and your haircut. You look like a dirty hippie from the 70s.

  7. IT is a basic room…If you are a M Life Member…I never ever, ever never would see that room. Aria which is apart of the M Life along with Bellagio…I can get into a Sky Suite..OR LakeView Suite…For Cheap…1600 and 2000 square foot suites…Nice..I don't see Steerage and Common Folks..U check in at a private area…NICE…and don't deal with bitchy dumb clucks.

  8. Dude, how old is this video? I literally just left the Bellagio a few hours ago. I paid 129$ a night. I had a view room, beautiful bathroom, beautiful bedroom. Brand new appliances and tv. The entire hotel was spotless. Those arent old style anything. Its newly upgraded. Thats expensive shit you're trashing. It's suppose to be rustic italian style. If you want hip new hipster style garbage, you're in the wrong hotel, go back to your aria or go to planet Hollywood. I stayed in MGM/Mirage/Bellagio and all 3 were amazing. Got free upgrades at all 3. Not one problem.

  9. He is right! That is not worth $200 – and for a prestigious hotel like Bellagio you should be getting fantastic quality.
    I disagree with the door opening – thats not 90s. I also disagree with the furniture. For someone who appears to have pakistani roots he should know that older rustic style is modern and appreciated.

    The tv set is terrible. I agree.

    The carpet I agree. However that appears to be the older rooms which also are used to giveaway to cheaper guests to appear you are getting a deal.

  10. This guy is a freakin moron.  Don't like it, get the Fuck out.  Complained about everything in the room but yet he had the ability to compare it to other less expensive Hotels.  Secondly, if you are concerned about how much money you are having to spend, you can't afford it in the first place.  Shut the Fuck Up loser.

  11. I am taking my wife to las vegas for our wedding aniversary in october.She has not flown long haul before so we are looking forward to it.
    We are staying in the Bellagio hotel,i have to say that the room looks good to me.
    That is just my opinion.
    D from Scotland.

  12. I think that this guy has a problem,I could be wrong but i do not think he has many friends.
    "Dear me"as we say in the uk.

  13. Hahhahah bad guy!
    I speeped here! its awesome
    0:54 Yeah we have smart tv's burt YOU ARE IN 2014!

  14. I've stayed at the Bellagio twice and it's nothing like this. I question if this is really a Bellagio room.
    This guy is a typical spoiled millennial

  15. this asshole is complaining about how everything in the whole damn world is not perfect WELCOME TO EARTH DUMBASS

  16. Have to agree a bit with him. Casino hotels like this go for $89.00 a night in my state. Vegas is supposed to be more affordable and luxurious for your money.

  17. Dude, you hold your nose up in the air with a pair of pliers! Look at the disgusting way you dress, you belong at the "Holiday Inn"(which of course is not at all bad)!Why do you even bother to travel and review. Can't stand people like you!!!!!! Go back to your own country and live in a sand castle!!!!!!!

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