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Best Dating Sites – Christian Friends Online !


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Best Dating Sites – Christian Friends Online !

My parents brought me up as a Christian, so you could say that the faith is ingrained in my blood. Even now, I still go to church on a regular basis, and I’m proud about my faith and what it stands for.

Nevertheless, I always wanted to start my own family. That has been my dream for many years. I wanted to get married to a wonderful Christian guy, and then bring up our kids in the same way that I was brought up — believing in Christianity and all it stood for.

I found it difficult to meet suitable men however. All the guys I was meeting were either married or widowed. That might be fine for friendship, in some respects perhaps, but certainly not fine for having a relationship together.

So I decided finally that I would try out some dating sites. I searched online for some dating sites that I thought would be a good match to my needs. And then I came across Christian Friends Online. Perfect!

I joined Christian Friends Online and messaged a lot of guys, and chatted with quite a few of them too. It was fun to say the least, although a bit time consuming also. I’d get home from work in the early evening, have my dinner, then spend a couple of hours checking my messages and then chatting with one or two guys that I thought looked and seemed to be nice. It’s exciting. I really did enjoy it.

But I did not join Christian Friends Online to have lots of fun each evening. I joined it because I wanted to meet someone special, and hopefully to settle down with them and have a lovely family together.

Well, after a few weeks of chatting and messaging, I did meet someone. He was very handsome, and a very nice guy too. His name is Edward. He’s 32, so a good age for me, because I’m now 28. Plus, he told me that he was looking for a partner who wanted to have kids because he too wanted to settle down and have a family. It seemed that I had found my ideal match after all.

So, we met up after about six weeks of messaging and chatting on the Christian Friends Online dating website. It was love at first sight. He is 6 feet tall. Dark hair. Hazel eyes. Beautiful features all round. Really, my ideal knight in shining armor. And we got on so well too. We laughed a lot, and we reminisced about a variety of events that we’d both been through. We talked about all sorts of things. It was such a wonderful evening. And I knew for sure that Edward was the right guy for me. He was the one that I wanted to be with no matter what.

Thanks to Christian Friends Online I met up with such a wonderful guy. The investment I made in Christian Friends Online was much more than worth it. I had a great time chatting with all those lovely guys and sending them messages and stuff like that. But what’s obviously much more important is that I met my special man on the Christian Friends Online site.

We’ve now been married for 8 months and I’m pregnant. When Edward learned about that, he almost cried with joy. It was an amazing day for us both when I found out for sure that we were expecting our first child. I think, if it’s a boy, I will call him Edward after his wonderful father.

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