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Are you searching for the Best Dating Software?

Are you searching for the Best Dating Software? Before you do anything read my review of the best website script on the market. It can be hard trying to figure out what is the best software to use when you are starting a new dating website that is why I took a thorough look at all the dating website software that is available online.

There are about five major dating softwares available to buy and the one that stood out was SkaDate. It has recieved several good reviews online. Lets see what makes this dating script, so popular.

Here is a list of it’s features:

  • Professional looking web design, even some of the bigger dating websites do not look as great as their templates
  • It is easy to monetize the scripts for advertising and paid memberships
  • Easy built in profile search, so your members they can quickly search by zip, cities, countries, usernames, and keywords
  • Members can search for their matches according to their specific preferences
  • Easy to use instant and email messaging system for all your members
  • Fun games for users to play
  • A viewed me section, so your users can see who has been checking them out
  • Upload photo section that is easy to use
  • Easy to use music upload, so your customers can see what music their matches like
  • A new must see speed dating apps
  • Users can easily upload video and audio of themselves which some the major dating sites do not even have available
  • The script comes with forums, blogs, events, groups, classifieds, and guestbooks for the entire social media effect
  • A referral system, that encourages users to invite their friends that helps create a viral effect
  • This script comes with many more features that are just too long to list

What do their customers say about this script?

“Our site really started living when we switched from custom built dating software to SkaDate. It’s just exciting to see professionals in work. We have around 600,000 members and must I say it’s really a technical hassles free business with SkaDate platform and team.” Max D.

This is definitely a complete professional website script. Several large dating sites use the script for a reason. Is it the best dating software out there? If you are counting the profressional look and it’s list of features I would have to say yes.

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By Zachary Scott

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