Home Game Review Best iPad Games: Nimble Quest (Review)

Best iPad Games: Nimble Quest (Review)


My Review of the newly released iOS game, Nimble Quest! Make sure to Subscribe for more iPad & iPhone Game Reviews!!!

Hey guys, I downloaded Nimble Quest to my iPad last week and haven’t been able to stop playing it! Give it a try and let me know what you think! It is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch! 😀

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  1. I'm unsubscribing since you guys barely post any videos an when you do they aren't that relevant considering people like Techno Buffalo and Soldier Knows Best have already made these videos months ago.

  2. I downloaded the game yesterday as soon as I watched the video and now i am addicted lol

  3. it would help id you did some reviews on more retro games that have been brought to the ipod example street fighter or sonic

  4. Kevin, you should review Modern Combat 4 for the iPad, I'd be interested in your opinion on the

  5. That was a funny way to end. "Well that was such a short review of an iOS game that I've been losing a ton of time on recently."

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