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Best Sample Resumes: Should Companies Provide Them?


When you're off to start a job hunt, you will want to have a readily available resume. But most of the time, you won't have any idea as to how you'll be able to format it. Fortunately, many writing web sites have a database of their best sample resumes that are available for the public to view.

But if you think about it, why would these companies provide examples of resumes on their web site? The question, actually, is why not? But, people might just prefer to copy the format, run off with the idea and go create their own. Well, that is not really an option as to most of the samples provided online are protected by copyright laws and are not even complete.

To give you a better idea, here are a few reasons why making resume samples available on the site are more preferable.

  1. It gives clients an idea of ​​how the finished product will look like – Sometimes, clients are hesitant to trust online writers because they have no idea as to what they should expect about the finished product. How would it look like? How would they be able to gauge the quality of the finished resume? These samples can then give them a better idea.
  2. It offers format choices to clients – They want a resume done right. But clients often don't have any idea of ​​the format they need or want, resulting to numerous revision requests. By having available samples online, companies can avoid revising their clients' resume formats and give them the chance to initially choose how they want their documents to appear.
  3. It shows the company's credibility – Resume samples are also another way of showing the kind of service a writing site offers. This shows that the company knows how to create unique resumes and is able to cater to the skills and competencies of the applicant. It will be able to let clients know that they are not just another resume writing site, but one that provides top-notch service.
  4. It helps market the service to the public – Sometimes these samples are given tags which, when searched by online users, can be pulled up and then direct the user to the site. This gives the company the chance to market the product and highlight the services they offer. The best sample resume s in PDF and image formats are usually made available online to give clients an idea of ​​how they look like and where they can find writers who can create such high-quality application tools.

By Nelson Mullins

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