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Best & worst new car values | Consumer Reports


Which new cars offer the best deals in the long run? Consumer Reports looks at ownership costs, including gas mileage, maintenance, repairs, and depreciation, as well as reliability and performance to come up with the best and worst value cars. http://bit.ly/19YLBtH

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  1. The top 5 is basically all small cars, useless for winter driving when you just hug pavement except the forester which I completly agree. There's plenty of models to choose and wide range of colors as well. 

    The worst 5 are mostly expected but thats that you get for buying a luxury name plate, and the armada well is just meh. Bring back the pathfinder!

  2. I appears that some viewers misunderstood this video. They showed the best and worst VALUE cars; not the best aesthetically pleasing, most fun to drive, fastest, safest, or coolest car. Simply what they consider the WORST and BEST VALUE. Simply getting what you paid for over a course of 5yrs.

  3. The Prius does what it's supposed to do without much fuzz, like it or not, it is NOT an enthusiast or a driver's car by any means, however it has still the highest satisfaction index among its buyers and most would buy one again.

  4. You all really need to adjust your reliability data to actually include things like if the car will leave people stranded instead of well I didn like how the cars shifter was column mounted. Reliability is about if the car starts everyday without issues and functions as it should when new. For the next 10 year's or so. Which I understand is harder data to get ahold of.

  5. Toyota should start calling some for their cars like prius, corolla, camry. The Mighty prius!!! Or the Mighty corolla!!! Lol hows dat

  6. those sucked as a best and worse theres no good suvs or trucks or even cars i would rather take a jeep over any of the best cars  

  7. CR. I do respect your opinions and your testing but there is one thing. Value is not price. Or else all you would recommend would be used Chevy Aveos. I think your holding price too high, compared to return on investment. Sure the Prius is relatively cheap to run and buy, but it's interior is not a very nice place to sit nor does have many modern amenities. If anything you should recommend the new Corvette, which is not only relatively in expensive but it has a lot of car for the money.

  8. Take your value and shove it up your tail pipe! Horrible recommendations of shitty Japanese crap! This is 'Murica baby yeeeeeehaw!

  9. The part about the Armada Is not true, my dad has an 04 Pathfinder Armada LE with 90k and its a tank. The leather is still holding up well with no cracks and interior is in mint condition. I've learned to take half of these reviews with a grain of salt, some are just plain biased.

  10. I love the Prius.. It's better mileage and reliability … With high gas prices nowadays this is a good vehicle for budget minded individuals like me

  11. Top value well I'd still never drive a Prius. Gets good mpg but what makes electricity burning coal. In addition I know not all electricity is made by burning coal but the majority is.Last what makes that car cheap government subsidizes.

  12. was hoping my civic would make the list.
    surprised VW made the list- seems like i read a lot of complaints about repairs in regards to VWs.

  13. SO. big or expensive cars are bad values and small are good. Ovious conclusion. I belive that the best values for the money are mid sized family sedans and some full sized cars.

  14. I am absolutely amazed that they gave the Nissan Altima such a low rating , ranked # 3 in worst cars valued .  Every body buys cars on sale it is normal .  The 2013 Altima sold for 25,000 with the 3.5 SV plus sport upgrade package .  Because of the CVT the Hwy fuel economy is controlled by the Engine RPM . Which means you simply reduce the RPM and your economy goes up significantly . At 68 MPH I get 36 MPG , at 78 MPH I get 31 MPG .  It has a high quality look and ride and is loaded with extras . The 2.5 is the same way , I do not know anyone not getting 40 MPG or more if they control their speed, it is rated for 38 HWY ,but Most people get more . I have owned Honda's Toyota's ,  Nissan's there about the same .  I am 65 and been in Engineering Technology all my life . So obviously these people have no clue what  true value is. Like so many Americans I think their agency is obviously very corrupt .            

  15. USA Today reported on your list of value rankings that the Nissan Altima 3.5 SL is the worst in the midsize category which is hard to believe since the Volkswagen Passat V6 gets far worse fuel economy and fueleconomy.gov says it will cost $1,250 more for gasonline over 5 years than the Altima. Volkswagen dependability is worse than Nissan's (2013 JD Power Dependability Study) and the Passat costs more. Did you not test the V6 Passat or is the only reason it wasn't the worst is because Volkswagen skews the results by giving 3 years or 36,000 miles of free maintenance because of poor dependability?

  16. "The Best Value car of all…" ..did not do so well in the IIHS small overlap crash test, despite being updated as both the pre-updated Camry and Prius V faired rather poorly. I'm surprised ConsumerReports would recommend it. 

  17. The Scion xB also goes by the name of a Toyota COROLLA Rumion, which no doubt adds to the global sales tally of the COROLLA nameplate to claim best selling car in the world…!!
    (Meethnks Toyota now speaks with more "forktongue" than a well-known group of people)

  18. the Toyota pruis is really a good car I don't see why people make fun of it. yeah its not that pretty to look at, but it will start up everyday and get you where you need to go.

  19. Grrrrr!!! American cars!!!! Yep that's soooo typical of Consumer Reports. That's why I stopped reading the mag over 15 years ago. It's the same thing over and over. Subaru, Honda, Volkswagen, and Toyota are the greatest cars ever and everything else is crap. Why even review anything new. Just print the same mag from 20 years ago. And this is all about best value, well if I have $65,000(did you hear the anger and shock in her liberal femanazi voice) to spend on a Cadillac I don't care about value. Why didn't they just campare little shit box vs little shit box and just list the best value for little shit boxes. These people should remember if you got the big bucks to spend you don't give a crap about value. 

  20. I see the appeal of the Prius; roomy, GREAT fuel economy, seat 5 well in the V-model, decently equipped, not very expensive for high-tech. My comp. sci. teach had one, and he loved it.

    Unfortunately, it fails to ever engage the driver. It's also boring to look at as it is to drive. Think of it as a Corolla+, an appliance with "a little bit more".

  21. We just sold our 04 Forester and bought a 2017. Excellent cars. We got over blue book for our 04 with only 145k on it. Would have kept it had the kid's seat in back not made leg room disappear up front, the newer ones are larger inside so not an issue. all in all, we got a fully loaded Forester Premium for 25 grand. Not bad. The moonroof is nice. The CVT, I like it..but sometimes miss the manual our 04 base 2.5X had.

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