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Beyond Sherwood Forest Review


There is nothing special about Beyond Sherwood Forest really. Still, you might find it quite entertaining and spend an hour and a half watching another version of the story of Robin Hood and his gang that steal from the rich to give to the poor. As with all recent versions of old stories this one has all the characters that you can expect, but the setting and plot are different. Generally, this movie can be described as the Sci-Fi version of the classic tale with a powerful mythical creature taking the form of a young woman being in the center of the plot. There are also other magical forces, weapons and basically all you can expect from such a story.

If you are a true fan of the classics you might not like Beyond Sherwood Forest very much, but it has its own dignities. It is not too cheesy and quite rough in some moments yet the brutality does not prevail. The magical and the romantic seem to be in just the right proportions, which is certainly a reason for the average viewer to check it out. The fans of the action might be slightly disappointed since the battle scenes are a bit too dull and not abundant in surprises and twists. Still, the special effects are quite good for an average movie, which is certainly an advantage.

The actors’ play is not among the dignities of Beyond Sherwood Forest. The lead actor who plays Robin Hood – Robin Dunne is a bit too gentle for a guy who lives in a forest and leads battles every day. Still, the good looks seem to aid most cast members in presenting a watchable performance.

You can watch Beyond Sherwood Forest if you have some time to waste.

Also Known As:
Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood

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By Jason Linger

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