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Big Fish Movie Review


Big Fish is a wondrous tale of an adventurous man, Edward Bloom, telling the story of his life to his son, William. It's a simple premise, but a complex film with brilliant imagery and imagination. Told through flashbacks that are both real and imaginary, the story unfolds and creates an extraordinary adventure.

Tim Burton directed this film, and fans of his work will appreciate that "other-worldly" feel. In this film, though, that fantasy element mixes well with reality to make the film seem more real than some of Burton's other works. Sure, the story is fantastical and not exactly unbelievable (since "tall tales" are a prevalent theme), but it's not totally out there. The audience is pulled into the story immediately, and you leave it wondering if your life will be as magical and adventurous.

Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, Big Fish is recognized for its sheer brilliance as a cinematic masterpiece. While it's set in our real world, it takes us out of what we consider "normal," and into the fantastic by giving us details of one man's incredible life, or at least the life he relates to others.

I especially liked the colorful characters in this film. Beginning with the likeable and courageous young Edward Bloom (played by Ewan McGregor), the film gives you lots of characters to enjoy. There's a giant, Siamese twins, a circus ringleader with a secret, a witch, and a legendary fish, for starters. Each progression of the film added to the imaginative cast of characters, and I couldn't wait to see where the film led next.

This film made me feel like dreams are possible; like life is about the people we meet and the adventures we encounter; like imagination is the key to living a good life. As Edward Bloom reaches the end of his life, his son desperately seeks the truth behind his father's "tall tales." What he gets instead is an important lesson on life from his father.

Ewan McGregor plays young Edward Bloom, while Albert Finney plays him as an older man. Both do an excellent job portraying the same man. Also starring are Jessica Lange as Bloom's wife, and Bill Crudup as his son, as well as Steve Buscemi, Danny DeVito, and Helena Bonham Carter.

This film will give you a magical feeling and will fill you with wonder. It's visually brilliant and an incredible journey of a film. You'll love it!

By Tonia Jordan

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