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Biophoenix Game Reviews: Deception IV Blood Ties (PS3)


Episode 50
new review and happy 50 episodes if that is a thing. this time im going back to one of my favorite series on the PlayStation consoles and that is the Deception series with the latest title from now Deception IV Blood Ties. funny how i forgot to mention to small things in the game like you can capture enemies again when there health is in the red and you can break there armor wish is cool but sucks i forgot to mention that because it could have been a fun joke but oh well im pretty happy how this one turned out so thanks for watching and commenting πŸ™‚
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  1. HAHAHA! ''Haaaaaaaaaaaallelujah!'' . That part is amazing!
    I've never played any of these games. Must look into it. Thanks for sharing, dude! πŸ™‚

    Keep the Power! PMG

  2. Looks like another great entry in the series! Having access to 7 traps in a room could be quite fun.

  3. d(-_-)b
    oh by the way, should i upload the rest of the soundtracks?

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