Home Movie Review Blair Witch Movie Review || The Predictable Hollywood Sequel You Always Wanted?

Blair Witch Movie Review || The Predictable Hollywood Sequel You Always Wanted?


my review of Blair Witch


Picture by: Earl Barrett Holloway

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  1. Hey man you look as dapper as a man named Dan. In terms of sequels well in my experience the weirdest example I have come across is the God of Gamblers franchise. I would explain why but really it would just confuse the hell out of everyone. Again I haven't seen this movie or the original so again sorry for commenting since I can't talk about it. If I were to reccomend recent films I've seen I would have to say In the Pool 2005, Shanghai Blues 1984, and of course Once Upon a Triad Society 1996. I know I know Triad Society's sequel is even better but I haven't gotten to it yet, but the first one is actually entertaining as hell but still extremely clever in terms of criticizing the triad glorifying films that came out at the time. Again nice review and also any news of the upcoming reviews will one of them start with juwanna and end with a mann?

  2. I really wanted to love this movie and it really wouldn't have been that difficult to make something inventive and different. they dropped the ball and it's Wingard's first strike for me.

  3. I had the option to either see The Blair Witch or spend the night with my friends who went to see Snowden. I have absolutely no regret skipping out on this.

  4. Halloween 4 sucks? How? Far's that franchise is concerned, it's one of the highlights. Brings back Michael(a move I don't think was completely necessary, but that's a different discussion and one you said you'd rather have), also brings back fan favorite Loomis, introduces who would become another fan favorite in Jamie Lloyd and had a great relationship on display between her and Rachel.

  5. Jim disappearing? I wonder how that would go down. I bet it would be the Green Lantern fans finally getting their revenge for that comment on the Pizza Party Podcast.

  6. the only thing this movie did for me is make me want to watch the original which I did the same night way better didn't even have to spend any money on it.

  7. The thing you said about recliner seats in an empty theater happened to me too. There was nobody there except myself and a friend, so we just sat there and openly shit-talked it the entire time. It honestly saved that viewing experience.

  8. Thanks for the mention, Jim! I didn't watch your video right away because I wasn't the least bit interested in this movie…sounds like my lack of interest is fully justified.

  9. in the og blair witch nothing supernatural happened. it's sets up enough that you can decide for yourself. I liked the new one as its own thing but it had so many missed opportunity

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