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Blogger Slideshow Gadget


How to insert a slideshow gadget into your blog site.


  1. thanks you ! but the pictures displayed very small did you know how to adjust the pictures bigger ?

  2. hi mam,,
    why my blogger can't qualify for google adsense. plz notice me.
    thank u very much

  3. This worked, except the quality of the photos is very low. Anyone know why? I uploaded them in their original size trying to resolve the low quality, but it still looks bad. 

  4. Oh my word, wish I would have found you 2 hours ago!  Perfect directions!  No one else mentioned the RSS feed or clicking the "other" option!  Thanks so much! 

  5. Great job.  You made three days of nonsense comprehensible…and my blog now has a working slideshow.  Many thanks!

  6. PHENOMENAL!! I searched 'Blogger Slideshow' and you were the first response. I understand why. You are so simple to follow. Thank you for teaching this so basic and straightforward! You are a gift!

  7. its great but can't give me solutions about my problems….my problem is how to make slide show in a conten?
    any one have solutions????

  8. hi! this was really helpful, so thanks 🙂 is there anyway to make the slideshow bigger though?

  9. Thank you! This finally worked for me. I've been trying for hours now and suddenly I find this, try it out and it works. You made it so easy for me.

  10. OMG. Thankyou so much. I got stucked on the RSS thing and I dont know how to copy that. Glad I watched this video. Thankyou so much again! 🙂

  11. it says the feed could not be loaded ? WHY ?
    i have done everything correctly even i have tried different url but still the same replay

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