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Bloodline – Alliance – A Fantasy Novel That Reads Like a Mystery


Mystery is not a common thread in most fantasy novels, but in Bloodline: Alliance, author, LR Saul manages to weave a tapestry that's sure to satisfy the most discerning readers of both fantasy and mystery fiction. Bloodline: Alliance is the first of two books in the series. Its sequel, Bloodline: Covenant, will soon be available.

Bloodline: Alliance is a fantasy novel that delivers a message of injustice and how it can effectively destroy people – or an an entire world. In our own world, we know that injustice exists and every word or description we hear conjures up an image – whether good or bad. But in fantasy, words can be used that have no meaning to us.

For example, Saul creates a race of people in her book called "Korzekans." The image you create in your mind of these people is entirely created by Saul in her use of words and development of characters. She develops the race and you come to your own conclusions. That's difficult to do in the real world, where our images and ideas of race are built from several different factors such as environment, media and life's experiences.

Saul's latest book catapults fantasy into a serious genre that delivers an important and powerful message. If you've never read fantasy and have made a judgment that keeps you from reading it, you should give Bloodline: Alliance a chance. The combination of mystery and situations that make you feel and question your beliefs is a powerful force that will make you want to read more.

Through the medium of fantasy, Saul sends a message that can be used in real life to help us discern if what we're thinking is based on unrealistic judgments or what our eyes and ears are telling us. Bloodline: Alliance entertainers as much as it teachers, taking us on a magic carpet ride into a world we've never visited or experienced – and, unlike most fantasy novels, also gives us the unexpected, the mystery and the unrevealed.

Bloodline: Alliance will leave readers breathless with more twists and turns than "The Da Vinci Code," and the characters will live on in their minds long after the last page is turned. Readers of Saul's books should use her themes as metaphors in their own lives and the challenges we face on an every-day basis.

Saul's newest book, Bloodline: Alliance, may be a fantasy novel, but it does not merely whisk you away to an "unreal" world and leave you there to escape. Saul's first book in her two book series gets in the readers' heads and make them feel what the characters are feeling. They come to life and live in the readers' minds as most fantasy novels do not even attempt to accomplish.

By Lauren S. Smith

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