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BMJ Pre-ICO Rating & Review: Membrana


Bitcoin Market Journal & Media Shower present the Pre-ICO rating & review of #Membrana, featuring senior analyst Jessica Ridella.

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Blockchain technology has introduced a large number of new crypto assets to the market, but many individuals do not have the expertise to safely manage and trade these assets.

Membrana wants to help investors by creating a blockchain platform for concluding mutually beneficial and secure contracts between investors and traders for trust management of cryptocurrency assets.

The platform itself will act as a transparent, decentralized, and secure system that will control the process of concluding and executing a contract up to the point of revenue gained by both parties.

Membrana has an algorithm that will solve the need for involvement of an intermediate party who guarantees the safety of funds and provides trust between both parties. There are several projects out there that are focused on connecting investors and traders, making this a very saturated market.

The whitepaper is very detailed in terms of platform development and use cases, and while it does address the competitive landscape, we did not see any major differentiators from the competition.

There is no indication that the Membrana algorithm has been patented; thus there is no further indication of differentiation.

However, we are impressed with the working beta and user-friendly website that lists weekly developments to the platform. The team is also very impressive, with a large group that have verified bios, expertise, credentials, and strong track records. The team also features strong partnerships as well as experienced advisors.

The token will be a utility token where holders get free access to trade, find investors, and conclude contracts. There are additional features to the platform that will only be available for token holders with larger amounts. Users do not spend their tokens, but only hold them in their accounts.

We are also impressed with the amount of marketing and press that the platform has. There are already over 3,000 registrations, and the project lists several events on the website where users can meet the team and learn more about the platform.

Additionally, the project has two big venture capital firms backing it financially. Ultimately, Membrana has a strong team, great transparency, and great marketing. Where it can improve is differentiating its platform from competitors to help it capture the market.


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