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BMR Writing at a Glance


In the world of freelance writing the term "BMR writing" stands for "Build My Rank." If you are a freelance writer chances are you have already done some of this kind of writing wherever you are familiar with the term or not. This kind of writing has become extremely popular in the fast growing and important process of promoting new websites.

Most often BMR writing is used to help place a website within an internet search on a particular topic. Since each website owner wants their site to receive a favorable ranking and therefore generate more visitors there is an incredibly high demand for these kinds of articles. Since the placement of each article in a search is dependent on the use of keywords it is important to use the particular keywords provided to you by your employer so that your article will be placed in a favorable ranking at the beginning of a search. The amazing thing about this kind of writing is that there is such an overwhelming demand for it these days.

On average a BMR article needs to be no more than 150 to 300 words with a high concentration of the specific keywords. They are simple to write but significant for placing a particular website in a favorable spot at the top of an internet search. For this reason website owners are all clamoring for hundreds and hundreds of these mini articles. However since they are short and simple website owners will seldom pay more than about a dollar (USD) for each one and sometimes as little as.50 to.75 cents. Therefore the key to making any money in the kind of writing is to do it in very high volume.

It is very easy to find work in BMR writing. Just go onto any freelance writing website and scan the "want ads" and you will literally find hundreds of postings. Then simply place your bids and wait for the offers to come to you. Once you have made a connection with an employer you will need to be prepared for the work to come at you fast and furious. Since the demand is so incredibly high for this kind of writing there is no shortage of articles that will need to be written.

It is very easy to write these articles. Simply stick closely to the given topic, use clear simple sentences, make sure to use the keywords to your employer's specifications and be sure your spelling and grammar are correct. In order to be successful in the field of BMR writing it is important to be creative and prolific as a writer. Often it will help to seek out employment from more than one employer so that you can receive a broader range of topics to write on. This will also help increase the volume that of work you will be given and extremely lead to more pay. If you are both creative and prolific then you should have no problem finding work and making money in BMR writing.

By Rochella Caguin

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