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BMW 3 Series Road Test | Consumer Reports


Check out our BMW 3 Series Road Test with this video from Consumer Reports. Get more car info on our website: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/cars/index.htm. The BMW 328i sedan is quick, agile, and fun to drive, but its interior is snug.

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  1. you freaking tard everything you said in the last minute was absolutely retarded. im 6'1 and fit fine. you also care that much that you have to put the key in to start and the buttons are too small? you must be some giant with huge fingers

  2. This guy is full of it. I'm 6'4" 260lbs and I'm perfectly comfortable in my 328xi. Maybe he doesn't know how to adjust the seats and the steering wheel. You should be able to find a perfect seating position with just a little effort.

  3. Agreed. However I believe that each manufacturer is playing to their strengths. Merc is more luxury oriented and Bmw is more sport oriented. Each company is succeeding in their goals.

  4. You wouldn't say that if you drove 7 series. I'm 5'7, I still consider it cramped. Sorry truth hurts. It's nice that you can fit your big body in it, but don't mislead other buyers that it is not cramped. If you want to buy a car, you should test drive, because you are the one sitting there.

  5. this guy's complaining about inserting a fucking key and pushing the start button???? Is that really so hard? that's the most exciting part of my fucking day!

  6. About to sell my 2011 Dodge Avenger v6 & my price range will allow me some sort of entry level luxury sedan. I'm very stuck on going back to the Infiniti G series which I had a little over a year ago (2007 g35s Sedan) which I loved with the sport package OR maybe go German… Always had a love for the Japanese vehicles that never "steered" me wrong… Guess I'm going to just go continue some test drives. My biggest harp with BMW is how expensive it starts to get for minor upgrades.

  7. Insert the key, and either turn it or push the button. Either way, it's a two step process.

  8. I'm 6'2" and my 335i feel great. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't sit in the back seat but the front is plenty spacious. My father is 6'7" and after riding shotgun in my car, he's considering either a 3 or 5 series. I honestly think the non idrive is one of the best simplistic consoles.

    I love my 335i sport package. Very quick, responds excellently… and I don't even need to wear a helmet while driving it!

  9. Is soaks up the bumps nicely? Is he insane? I have a 3 series.. awesome driving car but I would never say that it soaks up the bumps nicely.

  10. The material in the cabin is actually pretty nice! Flimsy cupholders? uhmm, no.. they aren't. The fact those are there when most cars don't have those should be mentioned too. And other bows have much more horsepower,turbo so on. shity review.

  11. i drive one and im 6'7. theres no lack of legroom if you adjust your seat properly…

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