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BMW 328i critique | Purchaser Studies


Very long a sports sedan benchmark, the redesigned BMW 3-Sequence is impressively gasoline-successful, rapid and deluxe. Handling continues to be pleasing but some steering truly feel was misplaced this time around.

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  1. i always thought the 28i cars from bmw was a car with all the tech but no engine. the inside looks great but the engine is just too underpowered to be a "sports sedan" for me. 265 and up and im good. so id take a camry v6 over this

  2. I hate electric steering. The technology is not even close close to being perfected. It would be nice if automakers will allow customers to pay more and have the steering system swapped for the old and trusted hydraulic steering system.

  3. The powertrain and chassis are very very very good. But I really dont like their styling these days

  4. BMW and Mercedes cost alot and are extremely unreliable. If Im spend $40,000-$60,000 on a car, it better be bullet proof reliable!!

  5. So the one series remains the only car with a direct link to the BMW past. Im not a fan of electric steering unless it's completely steer by wire, but I bet BMW makes the best one there is

  6. Test drove 328 couple weeks ago and didnt like it at all. comparing to my e90 328 , steering is like driving a lexus, exaust sound ?… there is none ! dont like front , and back is almost unchanged . Still keeping mine , until LCI version comes out .

  7. NO. the charger looks ugly, the interior no matter what "refinements" they say they have done is full of rental car plastic materials. The new exterior looks like shit, comparing a rental car to the Ultimate Driving Machine is stupid.

  8. The 5-Series looks a lot better in my opinion, but I've never driven one. I wouldn't think it would be that bad.

  9. BMW and Mercedes-Benz aren't really unreliable. Typically, people just say that because they just don't like them or can't afford them. I just drove a 1998 BMW 318i the other day with 318,000 miles on it and it drove like new. I think it all depends on how you take care of a car and how you stay up-to-date with the maintenance and whatnot.

  10. My old BMW 335i was full of problems from the fuel pump to injectors turbos and sensors . There good with Warrenty because you get a loaner

  11. BMW is to heavy nowadays,to much electronics,add a lot of weight.and that goes for a lot of car brands.

  12. use premium fuel ,inline 6 is flawless as long as you take care of the car, they can go well over 200,000 miles .just make sure you do all scheduled maintenance,also, when something does go wrong it is very costly to fix

  13. Just bought a 328i w/ X-drive last month, and I love it. The "funnest" car I've ever driven. It appropriately is known as "the ultimate driving machine".

  14. Yes you need premium fuel, and they tend to be about average when it comes to reliability. Though when something does break prepare to pay a LOT to fix it. Word of advise; next time you go to buy a car, perhaps do some more research beforehand so you know what you're getting into. ..

  15. OMG! The damn thing is all over the test track! Is it even safe?

    Thankfully, I drive a Cadillac. It handles FAR better than this car.

  16. Cost of ownership for a Bimmer is too high, and depreciation cost drops significantly. Looks great when new, but things start to go bad when a modern Bimmer gets old. Old Bimmers used to last longer, but now they last not more than 5 years. Check engine light comes on @ 25, 000 miles for most Bimmers.

  17. i owned the 2009 328i sedan verison… got 40K miles on it.. nothing has happen everything runs smooth, so its pretty reliable. but i mean if u are looking like toyota reliablity then go get a toyota

  18. Bought a 328i, Awesome pickup and fun to drive. 
    But Noise and f*c*in* vibrates at 1000 RPM. I should have not sold my old BMW

  19. $300 battery from the dealer and you have to buy it from them, they're the only ones that can introduce a new battery to the car. No joke.

  20. You can put anything you want from the i drive menus on the preset buttons.go to the thing you want on the screen and hold down a number. I just got a Bmw luxury line drive today with 37200 miles on it with warranty to 2018 included stop looking find a good one! the car is perfect for almost anyone at the price. I just got home after driving it for 6 hours to get use to it. OMG it is way better than even i thought.

  21. Should I get a 08 or 09 e90 with 40-60k miles? Any thoughts? I'm nervous on the price it costs to maintain one, I'm 19 years old btw

  22. this 4cyl is a pos compared to the inline 6, steering is not the same, I do not like the new model it just does not drive the same.

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