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BMW 435d xDrive | Owners Review


BMW 435d xDrive

Hello all! Today’s video features the BMW 435d xDrive and its proud owner Carl. The main purpose of this video was to find out what the 435d was all about and why Carl decided to purchase the car. We also discuss the pro’s and con’s as well as the preferred options to get on the car. I hope you guys enjoy the video, dont forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Its ridiculous to compare a 435d car to an M4 as they are completely different cars. 0-60 may be close but that's it and not what a M car is about. Its mechanically 80% different to a 'normal' 4 series. Saying that, for you, I agree the 435d is a far better all rounder. I just sold my M4 which was great but thirsty/noisy and a bit one dimensional and not ideal as a daily driver, so for your purposes I would make the same choice as its better more of the time. Nice car…

  2. Good video. Please do a race against your brothers M140. There are no good x35d v M140i videos on YouTube. Be the first. I have an M140 and my mate had a 335d and kept saying his car would be faster but he sold it before my car was finished being run in and before we had a chance to prove it ?

  3. It's a diesel. I don't care how fast it is. What features it has. It's just.. wrong. My first cars were diesel XUD Peugeots and we loved disconnecting the waste gates and turning the fuel up, but at the end of the day, it's a noisy knocking smokey diesel. I just can't go back. Petrol is for the true motorist. Diesel is for economy hatchbacks.

  4. Bit cringey comparing this to an M car, I think your missing the appeal of them like the better handling, sound track and feel good factor. That said 435d is lovely motor and perfect for motorway warriors.

  5. Great Video mate looking at getting one of these came across your channel after trying to find reviews. Totally agree about the price difference with the M4 also really helpful knowing what not to spec liked and subscribed.

  6. Adding to the list of mandatory options to pick would be the Adaptive M suspension as you can't get the standard M Sport one with the X-Drive drivetrain, i've seen a lot of 4-series reviews complain of excessive body roll in the corners without this on stock suspension and lets face it, if you're throwing money at the fastest non-M 4-series you'll want it to handle as well as it can.

  7. hello! really beautiful car, nice video….
    what color is it? (name or code) thanks

  8. I'd be shocked if you're actually getting 40mpg combined! I can barely get that in my 430d sdrive

  9. "I want my car to look like a weapon".

    Typical dickhead BMW driver….. "move out of the way, BMW coming through".

  10. Its a good car, but its not an m3/4, no point trying to compare. You dont get 40mpg in the real world lets be honest thats horse s*** mate, and the HK audio is not all that tbh. The pro nav is great tho.

  11. Agree with most of your comments. I own and reviewed my 335d F30 and I can easily get 50mpg if not more on a long run. The 335dxs are only available in auto too so it's not an option for manual.

    Don't get me wrong it's a quick car and very deceiving for a diesel but runs out of puff up the revs compared to an M3 or M4.
    I've raced my brother in laws 718 Cayman non S and he was quicker the the 335d. Diesels just don't rev out in the same way and flatten off on the top end.

  12. Oh also if you turn on Sport+ is makes it slide all over the place. This turns the stability control off. The car is 4WD but a larger percentage is sent to the rear than the front as opposed to Quattro where it's a 50/50 split all the time. Thing with full RWD cars is that it makes them inherently twitchy / more unstable at high speed cornering compared to FWD and 4WD so I'd prefer not to ditch it ?

  13. How does the Hexagon aluminium trim feel like in real life? Not sure whether to take it over the anthracite ash.

  14. if you get the 435 without the m performance pack does the lip on the front bumper just attach on later or is it a complete new bumper with the lip?

  15. Guys these cars are absolute weapons.. I've got a 335d xdrive and it's brilliant. Mineral grey and red leathers set it off.. two things it needs to make it even more better is a dms remap which I've had done and eibach pro kit springs to stiffen the ride in corners n to lower the car to msport height as it being an xdrive is set high

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