Home Car Review BMW three Sequence Sedan – CarMD Used Automobile Critique and Rating

BMW three Sequence Sedan – CarMD Used Automobile Critique and Rating


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CarMD made use of auto evaluation and ranking of the BMW three Sequence Sedan.

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  1. This? Is a review? This makes no sense. New BMWs come with BMW's Maintenance Package which covers all maintenance than warranty covers all repairs. So the first 5-Years or 50,000 miles is all gas. No oil, brakes, nothing costs. And with a bit of research, parts for BMWs are actually cheaper than imports or domestics. Thats why BMW is #1 in luxury in the world. Now, Audi sucks crap. Unreliable.

  2. I've never bought *new* BMW, but I had 2004 E61 and 2005 E91 and both were unreliable piece of crap. The 5 series died on a highway once (the engine belt broke, everything lit up in red telling me to stop). The 3 series never died in a meaning that I'd have to go to the bus, but it once died on a crossroad when I was in a middle of it (the engine just shut down), and it had problems every single week (airbags, angel eyes, cornering lights, suspension etc). Both cars had perfect care…

  3. oh please BMWs are great cars to buy from new..but as milage become over 60K, sell ASAP..its got loads of issues and headaches as car ages. E90 were prone to fuel pump, injectors fails, clutch problems, engine management software issues and diesel engine have all sorts of troubles. Wouldnt never recommend to buy a second hand BMW unless if u are a mechanic.

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