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Board Game Breakfast – Boycott When?


Welcome to the 178th episode of Board Game Breakfast!

0:20 – Intro
1:07 – Board Game News
4:08 – Crowdfunding Round-up with Suzanne
8:45 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
11:46 – Rob’s Miniature World
13:02 – Five Tribes
15:05 – Dice Tower Productions
16:06 – Boardgaming with Colleagues
18:11 – Applied Mechanics
20:30 – What’s on the Shelf?
22:21 – Dan and Cora
24:25 – Thrift Store Throwbacks
26:56 – Tom Thinks (Boycott When?)
30:59 – Solomode Games
32:46 – The Best and the Worst
34:01 – What Should I Get?
36:02 – Dice Dice Baby
37:35 – Playing the News
39:31 – Board Game Makeover
42:20 – Dead Last
44:19 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. Oh great now we are talking about boycotts in game world. If you don't want to buy something don't buy it. I draw the line on games I think are bad. Which is anything my best friend wants to play 🙂 Really if this is an issue people need to lighten up. If you don't want to buy something don't. Personally I really don't believe in supporting any sort of consumer boycotts.

  2. Dan & Cora – excellent game choice. Perfect game for children with a need in early childhood development.

  3. @dwarftoken HAHA great job. I can only imagine your moms reaction when she sees the video. Also its really awesome seeing more kids get involved with the dice tower. Keep it up.

  4. I have quite a few boycotts going on in my life, but they are personal, I don't make a big deal out of them. I also don't have a problem if other people don't follow the same boycott. When do I decide about a particular boycott? I would be lying if I said that it's very consistent and that I can say what the rule is. It depends. In general I would say that boycotts make sense, when you are boycotting a business BECAUSE of their business practices. An interesting case was Bioware designer who has been openly racist on twitter. It was personal twitter account but he had support of the Bioware management to express his racist views. On top of that I am boycotting EA that owns Bioware (because of their business practice) and as a consequence I will not be buying their games. They are crap anyway so it's not that I'm missing anything. If I only had known that the company employs a racist person, that's not enough for a boycott. I'm not going to be yelling for that person to be fired etc. I'm also boycotting products from a particular country because of their genocidal policy but that's pretty much the only country related boycott I'm following and I'm sure there are other countries that would be deserving one.

  5. On my second turn of that Oregon Trail game, I pulled a card that said I got dysentery and died. There was nothing that could be done. I spent the rest of the game managing the "store" and trying to understand the poorly written rules. Eventually the wagon wheel broke, all the cattle died and everyone starved. Nothing could really be done about that either. It's more of a dark humor storytelling activity than a game. I vaguely remember the actual original Oregon Trail game for PC, and it had a lot more going for it than this implementation does. If they were going for nostalgia, they kind of failed. I would try it again with buddies– but your group should first get past thinking of it as a game.

  6. For the boycott topic, only buying the game should be noted here. The question is do you want to support the publisher, designer, artist or what ever. You just playing the game somewhere gives nothing for the person/company you don't like, so it has no effect of what so ever, except that you personally might feel better about yourself.

  7. I personally will be boycotting Queen Games in any future purchases.
    Have waited over a year(should have been a December 2016 release) for what is largely a reprint with little to no changes in the game other than the insert(Escape Zombie City and Curse Big Boxes.) Now I know things happen in Kickstarter and the issue of late deliveries is another discussion entirely, but that is not what the boycott is about. The boycott is mainly due to the fact that since the end of the Kickstarter back in June 2016 we have received a total of 3 updates. You could go read the nightmare in the comments section, but essentially they have gone radio silent on the majority of their backers request for updates and comments on what is going on. Queen Games is a veteran company and should know better than this. 1 Star!!!

  8. Dead Last: sometimes your segments appear as if you had one good idea and then talk about it on camera 😀

  9. I certainly don't consciously follow a certain designer or publisher, in fact I am barely aware of them. When watching Toms best of series I have more than once been surprised to find out that two or more games I own share a designer or company in common. ?

  10. Whilst I do fidget when playing I know that clinking coins to focus myself can have the opposite effect on other players. I therefore generally choose to organise game components instead, arranging my troops in neat lines, stacking the cubes from Terraforming Mars into pyramids and so on.

  11. the five tribes review was awesome. (I think its a great game but I can see how a young one would find it boring)

  12. I don't think Tom's "boycott" thing really is about boycotts, but about something else which is really more personal. For me Orson Scott Card is probably the toughest. A great writer I once loved, but who has actively worked to hurt me and people like me. I haven't tried to convince my friends to not read him, or see the Enders movie when it came out. But I did put off watching it and I still feel guilty even of having eventually seen it on TV. There's tons of worse people and artists I disagree with more, but I think because Its because I so unabashedly loved his work when I was a child that I can't read or watch anything involving him without thinking about his other, more awful words.

  13. My favorite fidget toy? Rubik's Cube. Scramble, solve, scramble, solve, scramble, solve… It never ends.

  14. I am on the edge of boycotting a certain publisher because of the way they treat their backers on kickstarter but also because of the way they treat retailers. Queen games has some dubious marketing techniques and do not really care about their supporters. They look like they are paying their last KS campaign with the next one, they send copies to the retailers first before the backers even get their copies and then the retailers sell them cheaper than it was on KS. seriously will never back another of their game. That's where I draw the line…

  15. The boycott question is really interesting. I think it's important that people recognize that boycotts, especially personal ones, are important only to the person doing the boycotting and are likely completely ineffective against and irrelevant to the object of the boycott, as much as people might like to wish otherwise. Also, often people fail to realize that the object of their boycott is merely a single cog in what is being produced and that boycotts, if they were effective, hurt a lot of innocent people just to get at the target.

  16. I boycot Flying Frog because of their ridiculous treatment of their backers. Sad that Most of the backers care more about the game than the Service. I mean – we Made this game possible. Why are we the last in line to play it?

  17. @Tom Thinks: I think you should buy or not from whomever you want, for whatever reason you want. The board game industry has few, if any, government regulations, so the free market should be able to decide unhindered. Vote on who you want to succeed with your hard-earned dollars; those companies that make a profit will stay in business, and those who don't will not. I tend to buy based much more on delivered quality than on politics or other factors, but those other factors will come into play if the quality is on equal footing.

    So, if I can buy Game A for $50 that has good reviews and I want to own and is designed by a guy that I don't know, or Game B for $50 that also has good reviews but is from a designer that cheated on his wife (like Tom's example), then I'd probably go with Game A.

    There are lots of great games out there. You can be pretty particular about what you buy if you want to be, while still maintaining a collection of quality games. If you want someone who shares your beliefs to succeed, then support them over the other guy.

  18. I think its easy to understand usa opoly, they like many companies, like making money.

  19. I would love to hear how Tom (or anyone else) upgraded Lost Valley. Great game but could definitely use some added pizzaz.

  20. Am really loving the SoloMode segments. For good portability solo gaming, I like Hostage Negotiator.

  21. I think if i was playing a game and every person was playing with one of those fidget spin toys(it is a toy)I would probably get up and leave. To me its just as bad as someone always being buried in their phone. Lots of schools are banning them because they are being found to be a extreme distraction not help. I understand for some people they are prescribed by their doctors, like 10 years ago my doctor even tried to get me to use one to help me quit smoking. I have no problem with that but for most people they are nothing more than a fad.

  22. Stop playing someone's game because they're a:
    Adulterer – No
    Murderer – No
    Liberal – Yes

  23. Ok I just discovered this show and now I'm gonna not eat for a month.

    Thanks Vasel.

  24. Boycott when? As I've gotten older (and more cynical) I'm seeing too many reasons to boycott. Have you ever met a CEO that wasn't a total prick? I haven't (and I've met a lot). If you allow your enjoyment to be compromised by the actions of others you will find you are either a hypocrite or miserable. If I chose to boycott companies/people/products based on the moral decisions that are behind their existence, I wouldn't shop at Walmart, buy gas, vote in elections, wear clothes or eat food.

    Sometimes you just have to just bite the bullet, realize you live in a world full of crappy humans, and move on.

  25. A mix of Ticket to Ride and Aquire about airplanes – Airlines Europe. Oh? Aviation Tycoon?

  26. Let me be clear on something that is massively misunderstood. I'm not trying to argue anything here, just trying to get definitions cleared up.

    A Bigot is prejudiced. that means they hold views that some group of people are inferior in some way.

    Structures are Racist: Laws, Regulations, policies, etc. Structures that either intentionally or statistically adversely effect an identifiable group of people more than they effect non-members of that group are Racist. Someone who supports such policies is Racist, just as someone who supports Capitalist policies is Capitalist.

    Furthermore Race does not necessarily refer to skin color, that is merely one early 20th century usage. Race just means any identifiable group of people who share some common history.

    A bigot need not be racist. A bigot may hold views that some group of people are inferior, but recognize that government policy should not necessarily back up their views.

    Similarly a Racist need not be a Bigot. Someone may hold views that certain policies that adversely affect one group of people are fine, but not feel that that group of people is in any way inferior.

  27. On the topic of boycotts, there is a particular publisher who treated a longtime employee (and friend of mine) very badly, and from all the stories I've heard from him, I'll never buy another one of their games. They were never one of my favorite publishers, but by now I'm comfortable ignoring them completely from now on.

  28. Get that man a Fidget Cube! (it's a lot less annoying to the folks around you. :))

  29. I want a compilation of all the Dan and Cora videos. So adorable. And I don't even play kids games.

  30. I really don't understand the fad of the fidget spinner, but I do understand some of the appeal of the toy. For decades, I've sat at my computer desk while reading, watching, doing work, etc. with a metal slinky in 1 hand (sometimes 2) slowly going back and forth with it. It has helped me focus for a long, long time, but I had to stop playing with it when my kid got old enough to want to play with it. Stopping playing slinky at my computer desk was harder than I thought it would be.

  31. vote with your dollars and your feet. I had no idea about all the social justice warriors in the bored game community.

  32. Chaz…. It's simple. They're a roll and move company. They landed on the higher properties for a while, but just recently passed GO and are back to Baltic Ave. Expect a few locomotives and a chance card in their future, with a long slog back to the viable product.

  33. If supporting someone or something causes me more pain than the joy that I'd receive from a particular product (in this case, games), I will boycott. I tend to not go looking for reasons to boycott, so I'm not really aware of anything negative regarding any designer or company except one designer, who also runs a company, with whom I had a negative personal experience. I won't support that designer, but it doesn't really cause me any pain to make that choice because I hadn't been enamored with the designer's games anyway. Plus, there are a million other games out there. I'm not sure what I'd do, though, if I found out something horrible about someone who put out a game that I really liked. It might be that I'd still play the game but choose to not buy any future games by that designer or company. I think I might have to be personally affected by someone's misdeeds to cast off a game that I really like and already own.

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