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Board Game Breakfast – Escaping with Laura


Welcome to the 177th episode of Board Game Breakfast!

0:20 – Intro
1:30 – Board Game News
5:43 – Crowdfunding Round-up with Suzanne
11:02 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
14:12 – Rob’s Miniature World
16:04 – Karuba
18:10 – Dice Tower Productions
19:27 – Boardgaming with Colleagues
22:04 – Applied Mechanics
24:09 – What’s on the Shelf?
25:59 – Dan and Cora
27:52 – Thrift Store Throwbacks
30:24 – Tom Thinks (Escaping with Laura)
34:51 – Solomode Games
36:49 – The Best and the Worst
38:50 – Playing the News
40:48 – Roll Playing
42:43 – SpielLlama
44:39 – Snakes and Lattes
47:43 – Dead Last
49:47 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. Oh, Suzanne took over Makeover segment this time and made small versions of various games for her shelf, good job ;D

  2. A game rated 1?!!! 0.0 So, has that destroyed box of Phase 10 resurrected? Actually, maybe it was living it that shed all the time..

  3. Although i have never played it in paper Magic has killed my enjoyment of it like hundreds times and yet it took me 10 years to stop playing it.. for now 😀 Mainly because of the abundance of planeswalkers usage, which made it different game than i have liked. I'm trying to scratch the itch (see, see :D) with the Hearthstone, but it lacks many things, so i might still come back to Magic eventually 🙂

  4. @Chaz: I had that same exact thing happen with Magic… a long time ago. I was only 15 at the time or so, and just got wiped out instantly by someone who had simply spent a lot more money than I could ever hope to. I stopped playing that very day and haven't in 15 years. Even though I've got dozens of games now, I'll never play MTG again.

  5. This is going to be nerdy. The reason why he's just "Maul" is because there can only be 2 Sith and you can only be a Darth if you're a Sith. When Maul lost his fight to Obi Wan, Palpatine cast him aside (yeah Maul didn't die from being cut in half) and made Count Dooku his new Sith apprentice.

  6. I feel like Melody has Tom's interests, but gets her mannerisms from her mom. I always love seeing how kids pick up different things from each parent. Great segment with Laura, always great seeing her on the Dice Tower.

  7. @Chaz – yes similar for MTG; after losing weekly to the same people at causal FNM, I realise my hobby was simple giving pro-player free booster packs. And it becomes super-not fun when they tell you the value of their decks.However leaving the MTG, meant I got more into board games and discovered Mage Wars, which complete replaced the game for me.

  8. Happy Anniversary, it's my 25th Anniversary tomorrow (16th). ?

    (And Happy Birthday Sam, it's my birthday in 6 months time, 16th. ?)

  9. Hey Chaz! I always kind of wondered why the dice tower had so much beef with Bang! I owned it and quite like it. Until I played a game where I was taken out before I ever got my first turn one game and then the game drug on for about an hour! Never again…

  10. Always like to see episodes where we're introduced to people we hear about (Laura) but don't often see. A pleasant surprise.

  11. Wow! Melody and Laura have an uncanny resemblance in the way they speak! Not the voice, but the verbal mannerisms!

  12. #pairofdiceparadise World of Warcraft the card game. Imagine character classes were deck colors and then multiply that for each faction (×2). That's what I faced in deck building and I never pulk the cards I wanted.

  13. Tom and Laura, your daughters take so strongly after Laura in voice and mannerisms. It's lovely! Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Chaz…. I can understand feeling crushed. I can also understand feeling overwhelmed by ALL the different variations of MTG… even I can't keep up with them all!!! That being said, I love the business of deck building for theme, or concept. I play for fun… and don't let things get too serious. Take heart… Chaz, get back to chucking some goblins…

  15. I have used MeetUP recently. So far, just wading in and trying to meet people who play RPG. Thanks for the recommendation of "Roll 20.Net"… I'm going to try it. Thanks…

  16. Regarding the Chaz segment: There's only one game that I've lost before I even got to take a turn… and that game is Red7. I don't recall the exact cards in play, but as I distinctly remember, on my very first turn, I was unable to play a card, play a new rule, or both, to take the lead. I even showed my opponents my hand of cards, and they dumbfoundedly agreed with me.

  17. I have used Meetup a few times. Usually to introduce the role playing groups I am in with other groups. Get the feel for them and sort of set up like a cross player. Since my groups is heavy D&D and Fantasy we hook up with other genre groups. Maybe some of their players like to join our fantasy and a few of us will jump into their games. Another place I have found both when I was in college and now my oldest niece is in college is often their are gaming clubs. My younger niece started up a D&D club at her high school.
    One other avenue for the more role playing type are online text based rpgs and old fashion MUDs. We have recruited a few players from those groups. Roll 20 is nice but there is also Fantasy Grounds.

  18. Chaz I use to play MTG a lot too. We play it occasionally now as filler between other games but we never play duel we play free for all multi player. Oh and we almost always play for ante. This stops those one kill decks when you have to worry about 4 or more other players. In the days of Beta MTG our free for all groups were about 10 if not more players at once playing for ante.

  19. Maybe the bowling game was played backwards? Like when you roll pins it means you hit them but when they are blank you missed?

  20. Well, we all now know for sure Tom doesn't watch Star Wars Rebels. Didn't know why Maul is just "Maul" now, didn't even mention Ahsoka Tano.

  21. Lovely seeing your wife and you together Tom! 🙂 Must say, I laughed out loud when you both came out like Melody Is the only smart kid in the family… super funny! No digging yourselfs outta that hole! ;D

  22. Chaz. I've been thinking of this for some time. I know this isn't exactly the kind of thing you wanted (because you probably want something more narrative in scope), I think it relates.
    I have a different kind of 'shelf of shame' than the ones filled with games that I have not played. It is a shelf of games that I have lost all interest in, through no fault of their own. For one reason or another, the game was around a rather sad, depressing or otherwise bad emotional moment that I cannot shake. The emotional connection between whatever was going on at the time and the game is so tight that I just seem to get the game off the shelf anymore.
    Two disparate examples: Shakespeare and Carson City. With Shakespeare, a heartbreaking moment happened outside of the game just before I was to start playing it. With Carson City, the game itself got bogged down by two guests who just weren't into it and were not having any fun at all due to the game being above their interest level,. Neither of these were due to fault with the game, but now every time I look at them I'm reminded of those sad, dreary moments.

    Sometimes I can get over them–especially if it's games I have associated with happier memories prior. But these two games (among others) I did not have a counterbalancing pleasant memory for, so they are only associated with sadness. Perhaps I can power through and make a happy memory with them someday, but until then they languish in the shadows with the others.

  23. I always like the Snakes and Lattes segments, but that framing at the beginning hurt my head. With his body facing sorta left while on the left side while he was looking to the right kept leading my eye of the screen. Still informative.

  24. @Chaz, mine was a game of Dominion, in which my friend tried to convince me that the Big Money strategy was superior and proceeded to prove it (at least to me) by getting very drunk while I stayed sober and still managing to steamroll me by only buying progressively more expensive money cards. Never wanted to play again after that tbh (even if it turns out that I'm just bad at the game lol).

  25. I just don't understand the love of Ethnos. I don't mean to dump on what others like… I mean, like what you like. But I played this on Tabletop Day and all I could think was "Dear Lord, just let it end!" — granted. People were REELING in AP. Take a card or play your hand. Why is this taking you 3 minutes to decide which to do after 6 other people have gone!!

  26. Hey Tommy Boy!! Is it possible to put an audio version of these shows up on itunes along with the podcast?

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