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Boardgame assessment Khet 2.


Here is a search at the re-release of a truly amazing boardgame called Khet. Feel of it as Chess, but with fricking lasers


  1. The game does indeed look interesting. Not really one for board games, but I wouldn't mind trying this one

  2. I heard about this on the radio randomly about 3 weeks ago actually! I think 909AM (five live) one of the hosts was going around asking people to play games with him, and someone played Khet! When it was described as "Egyptian Laser Chess" I couldn't fail to take note!

  3. Am a big fan of Khet but not liking the new 'thin crust' board. Much prefer the high sided one. Looks like they have removed the pyramids which i think id a shame as that was a nice feature.

  4. I purchased the original KHET plus the expansions of beam splitter and tower of Kadesh now they are all obsolte so I have to pay them more for this 'reboot" the hell with that, they never remade the tower?

  5. I have not tried 2.0 yet but I own the original version and the gameplay is too slow, being able to rotate a sphinx and not be held to just the firing line makes for a much better game.

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